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A referral program is word-of-mouth marketing of a product by someone who has already used it or experienced a service.

Be it a digital referral program or a friend referral program, it is not to be confused with any of the pyramid marketing schemes.

As humans, whenever a purchase is made or a service is experienced – for example Google Workspace, it is almost always recommended to friends and family.

A referral program makes use of this tendency to market products and services.

According to a Heinz marketing survey – 87% of frontlines sales reps, 82% of sales leaders, and 78% of marketers agree that referrals are the best leads a business can get.

Some interesting facts about a digital referral program are as below.

Recommend the Top 12 Trustworthy Digital Referral Programs

1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace - Online Collaboration Tool

GWS offers generous rewards as part of their digital referral program of up to $23.

To join the Google Workspace digital referral program, one has to fill in a form on their website and then start referring.

As part of the Google Workspace referral plan, payouts are as below.

  • Business Starter – $8 per user
  • Business Standard – $15 per user
  • Business Plus – $23 per user

These are for single user sign-ups. If a digital referral program sign-up subscribes to multiple licenses in a single google workspace purchase, the reward is for each license.

For instance – a single purchase of 8 GWS business standard user licenses will be a digital referral program payout of $120.00!

For more information: Google Workspace Referral Program

2. Dropbox

Unlike Google Workspace, Dropbox offers additional storage space to customers who use their digital referral program.

There are 2 slabs of rewards to be obtained as part of their digital referral program.

  • Dropbox Basic – 500 MB per referral and can earn up to 16 GB
  • Dropbox Plus – 1 GB per referral and can earn up to 32 GB

Dropbox digital reference program allows customers to send an invitation link to their friends.

Once it is used for sign-up, additional space is given out per the plan purchased. Unlike Google Workspace, Dropbox does not have other modes of friend referral program signup.

For more information: How much free referral space can I earn?

3. Zoho

Zoho products user

While Google Workspace offers fixed payouts, Zoho’s digital referral program offers 15% of the referral’s subscription fee as a reward to those who provide referrals to Zoho.

While the Zoho digital referral program reward is very attractive, it is only paid out after the referred subscriber completes 90 days of usage. The payout is in the form of credits in Zoho wallet, not cash.

For more information: Zoho Referrral Program

4. SugarSync

For people looking to subscribe to a service offering secure online backups and cross platform cloud storage, SugarSync works best.

Not like Google Workspace, SugarSync allows a digital referral program link to be shared on social media or send a friend referral program link via an email.

The digital referral program member gets 0.5GB space when the referral link is used to sign up for a SugarSync account. The 9.5GB is given when a purchase is made.

For more information: SugarSync Referral Program

5. Uber

Uber is a ride sharing app, not an online collaboration tool. Every existing Uber customer can be part of their digital referral program.

A personal referral code is assigned as soon as a customer signs up on Uber. Whenever a new account is created using the digital referral program code, the referrer and the user both get a free ride.

For more information: Uber Referring drivers and riders

6. Fiverr

Being one of the world’s best freelance marketplace, Fiverr runs a successful digital referral program.

Fiverr gives away credits as rewards as their friend referral program and digital referral reward. Earnings can be as much as $100 worth Fiverr credits.

For more information: Invite Your Friend to Fiverr

7. Evernote

For those who want an app to take notes for them, Evernote works best.

In contrast to Google Workspace, Evernote’s digital referral program has a points based rewards system for awarding its customers who give them leads.

These points can be used to upgrade a subscription or to get access to premium and paid features.

8. Doordash

There is a digital referral program from Doordash which provides an online platform for food ordering and doorstep delivery.

Their digital referral program says “Get $7 in credits when someone signs up using your referral link and places their first order over $15. Your friend also gets $15 off ($5 off each of their first 3 orders)”

9. Iherb

An ecommerce store that sells health and beauty products, the iHerb digital referral program is different compared to most others.

Here, an individual has to share a link of the product they bought as part of the digital referral program link instead of a code or an invite.

iHerb says “Give 10% & Get 10%. iHerb Rewards is a simple referral program that rewards both you and anyone you introduce to iHerb.

All iHerb customers can participate in this program”.

10. Shutterfly

This digital referral program is one of the most rewarding. It rewards members in more ways than one.

Shutterfly says “Refer a friend. Give one, get one. Pick an offer to share with friends. Sign up to get started.”

11. Shopback

A digital referral program like no other, Shopback is a website which offers cashback as part of its digital referral program rewards for everyone.

In their own words, Shopback digital referral program says “Sign up with ShopBack using the referral link or referral code and receive a $5 bonus”

12. Exabytes Singapore

Exabytes Refer a friend program - Referral program Singapore

The digital referral program run by Exabytes Singapore is called “Exabytes Refer-A-Friend Programme”

The Exabytes Singapore friend referral program says, “It is not about S$100 for referral, but an opportunity to grow and strengthen partnership with your peers in the future”.

Details of the Exabytes digital referral program is available online.

Contact an Exabytes Professional today to know more.

For Exabytes Referral Program, click here: Referral Program

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