Google Search Ads is definitely an effective advertising platform for businesses, especially established ones.

Run your campaigns using the right strategy and techniques, and your business will reap the benefits from this powerful advertising platform.

On the contrary, running it the wrong way can result in very little or no return. By the way, did you know for Google ads, a high budget doesn’t automatically mean better results?

In this post, we have a sifu from Exabytes to tell you the secrets of running a successful Google ads campaign.

Exabytes was established 21 years ago as a 100% online company.

Over the years, we have learned the right technique through hands-on learning, trial and error, and more. We’re ready to share the tips and tricks. Read on to find out!

Set Your Campaign Goal

Setting goals is essential before embarking on any type of digital marketing campaign. The same is true for your Google Ads campaign.

If you are going to run PPC ads, you must set attainable goals for those ads.

Ask yourself the questions, “What do I want to achieve with my ad campaigns?

For example, you may want to generate more leads and increase conversions for your online store.

There are all different types of goals you can set and achieve with a PPC campaign.

What is your campaign goal: Increase brand awareness, generate more leads, get more sales, or something else?

Identify Your Target Audience

Your target audience is one of the most important elements to determine when you kick start a Google Search Ads campaign.

Your google advertisement should be designed to appeal to your target audience, so you must determine who that is first.

To figure out who your target audience is, think about your ideal customer.

Many businesses create personas that represent various types of people in their target audience. They use these personas to create campaigns that target specific demographics.

If you have installed Google Analytics on your website, you can analyse the data from there and find the customer groups that interact with your website or purchase products from you.

When you correctly determine your target audience, you can create better Google Search Ads campaigns than your competitors.

Conduct Keyword Research

Google Ads Service in Singapore
Example of Google Search Ads

Use Google Keyword Planner or one of the many other available tools for your keyword research.

Find the keywords or search queries most people search for. Finding the right keywords for your campaign is key to success in PPC advertising.

Start by focusing on long-tail keywords. People usually search for phrases to solve their issues and enquiries. Long-tail keywords have more than three words.

They will generate more traffic for your campaign because they are more specific and are more likely to generate quality leads who want the most relevant results.

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Create Effective Ads

You’ve finished your detailed keyword research and are now ready to integrate your keywords into your ad copy.

Make sure your copy is attractive and blends with your keywords. Don’t keep repeating the same keywords where it doesn’t make sense at all.

Next, you need to tell your audience what step to take next. Add a call to action (CTA) to your ad to guide them to take action and convert.

For example, let’s say that you want them to visit your website and purchase your product. The CTA could be ‘Sign Up Now’ or ‘Get It Today”.

Creative ad copy will result in a high chance of your audience performing the desired action.

Slowly, your costs will be lower, and your impressions will be higher. Always use creativity in your ad copy and blend in your focused keywords.

Set Your Ad Budget

When creating an ad campaign, you need to set a budget. Your budget will determine how long your campaign runs and how many leads you can obtain.

One of the best things about Google Search Ads is you don’t need to have a certain budget to run a campaign.

You can run a campaign for $100 or $10,000, making it easy to control your finances.

Set your maximum bid for the ad campaigns so that Google knows how much you can spend.

Your maximum bid is the amount you are willing to spend for each click on your Google ads. It is a changeable amount that you can alter at any time.

One thing you have to remember is that a high budget doesn’t automatically mean better results.

Always monitor the ad’s performance and optimise your ad copy based on the trends.

Monitor and Optimise Your Ads

As I mentioned earlier, monitoring and optimising your ads is essential to create better results cost-effectively.

A/B testing is the best tactic to test out which ad copy or campaign works best for achieving your goals.

Prepare a different set of google ads settings, copy and keywords for your campaign. Be aware that what you think might not always be the same as what your audience thinks.

Keep trying with different ad copy to find out which is the best to convert your audience to customers.

In addition, Ad Optimisation helps you find out and understand what your customers are looking for. You can see how your competitors approach their customers in Google Ads Manager.

The Bottom Line

So have you learnt anything useful from this post?

We hope you did. If you catch no ball, or simply don’t have time to run your own Google Search Ads Campaigns, fret not, Exabytes offers fully managed Digital Marketing Services including Google Ads services and Search Engine Optimization strategy.

You focus on your core business, we provide a tailored strategy and execution for your Digital Marketing.

Don’t be shy, get in touch with us. Consultation is free.

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