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Video advertising is now a big thing! For one, it’s always more interesting to watch a video ad than reading a text ad, right?

With so many new video ads created every day, how can you do it differently and do it the right way so that you can capture the heart of your audience?

In this post, we are pleased to share the ABCD Rule from Google that helps brands make the best YouTube Ads! Read on to find out more.

A – Attract: Attractive element in the Beginning of the Ad

Research found that 85% of video ads on Facebook are watched silently by users, while nearly 95% of YouTube video ads are watched with the sound turned on.

Sound such as an Intro Music/Voice is part of the elements that attract the viewer’s attention, in the beginning, to decide if they want to continue watching your ads or not.

Brands can use the sound element to grab the viewer’s attention and make them stay to watch your ads till the end. This ensures you deliver your marketing message completely.

Adding attention-grabbing sound effects is the first step to consider when producing your video ads.

Online ads aren’t like traditional TV commercials, where the viewers are more passive and unable to skip ads, except they change the channel.

On the YouTube platform, there will be less resistance to ads. Brands can use only 3-5 seconds to capture the audience’s interest and convey the message before the viewer can decide to skip the ad.

Therefore, it is recommended to put the exciting part, which can catch people’s attention, at the beginning of the video.

For example, using a series of action shots or inviting celebrities or influencers to appear on the scene will make people willing to stay and watch the entire video.

B – Brand: Mention the Brand Naturally

Besides using creativity to grab the audience’s attention, the most important thing in video ads will be showing the brand to the audience to make them remember.

But how can we mention the brand multiple times without being too deliberate and direct?

Adding Brands Representative Elements

To mention the brand naturally, you may consider using products and brands representative colors in the advertisement instead of logos.

If there are no product pictures, consider adding a watermark and overlays to put the logo in advertisements.

Tell Them Your Brand in the End

A suitable place to mention your brand is just before the end of the video. It will reduce the distraction or unpleasant feelings and allow the audience to watch the video ads and get the messages you want to deliver.

This way, viewers are more likely to believe that you are not trying so hard to sell your products or services but provide excellent value or information to them.

Use Attractive Brand’s Tagline

With video ads, brands don’t always have to show the name or logo for people to remember who they are.

Using Brand’s Tagline will enhance the audience’s ads recall and deepen the customer’s impression

Don’t Mention the Brand Directly

Putting the brand logo directly on the screen or making the logo bigger and bigger on the screen will reduce the desire of the audience to watch your video.

The audience will become aware and notice quickly that it is an advertisement. However, if the brand is mentioned using voice, the audience’s rejection will be lower.

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C – Connect: Connect the audience through content

Delivering clear and right contents is important to establish a connection with the audience.

According to YouTube’s statistics, more than 70% of users watch YouTube on their mobile phone or other mobile devices (such as tablets).

Therefore, complex elements on the screen will only distract the audience.

Mentioning the brand is recommended to strengthen the messages and become as expressive as possible.

Moreover, using Close-Ups on video shooting, and increasing the font size of the words that appear on the screen can help too.

This makes customers see the key points at a glance and easily understand the story of the content.

Remember to always consider whether the content can be displayed clearly on the screen of a small device when creating an advertisement.

*Note: Close-Ups means a photograph or film image taken at close range and showing the subject on a large scale.

Using storytelling in an advertisement will directly affect the time the audience watches the advertisement.

Brands can try to create content with a sense of humour or suspense elements to make viewers become more willing to watch the advertisement from the beginning till the end, thereby increasing ad recall and enhancing customer brand awareness.

D – Direct: Directly tell your audience what to do next

Traditional marketing channels are one-way advertising — the audience cannot take immediate action after receiving the information.

With YouTube Advertising, it is possible to have interactive features that lead the viewers to do something.

This is when a clear and direct CTA (call to action) comes into the picture. CTAs are extremely important.

If a brand uses the 5-second skippable in-stream video ads format, placing the CTA in front of the video when creating the ads will increase brand impressions.

If the brand uses non-skippable in-stream video ads format, then it’s recommended to place the CTA message at the back of the video to tell the audience what to do next (such as asking them to visit the website, watch the next video or subscribe to the brand channel, etc).

Use more specific CTA descriptions such as “Download the App” instead of “Download Now” if your campaign aims at getting more users to download your app.

Even if the audience doesn’t take the next step, the call-to-action message can still increase customer awareness for the brands.


A successful video ad must include a catchy intro and a brand mention (naturally/indirectly). It needs to connect with the audience and direct them to take the next step.

I hope this post inspires you to have more ideas when it comes to running a video marketing campaign.

If you are still doubtful about doing Video Ads, Get a FREE 1-1 Consultation with our specialists who will be pleased to provide advice on how to deliver the message in your video campaigns and how to run ads.

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