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Plesk’s SiteJet Website Builder is a powerhouse platform that combines website creation and project management seamlessly. Craft stunning, responsive websites effortlessly through this high-performance CMS. Tailored for web designers, it not only facilitates speedy site development without coding hassles, but also offers a hub for efficient website maintenance.

With customer feedback channels and a streamlined ticket system, Sitejet allows you to excel in the competitive web design industry. Get ready to unleash your creativity and manage your projects like a pro, all within the Plesk ecosystem.


What is Plesk’s Sitejet?

Plesk Sitejet Project Management Solution + Website builder

Sitejet is an all-in-one web design package that brings together project management and automation with a powerful CMS. This gives users total freedom for designing and coding their websites.

From the advanced website builder to the integrated project management system and easy collaboration tools, Sitejet simplifies managing your web design business. You can boost your creativity and save time with a complete platform designed just for you.

The Three Major Components of SiteJet:

  • Project Management Tool (Sitejet Manager)
  • Professional Website Builder (Sitejet CMS)
  • End Customer Portal

Sitejet website builder

#1 Project Management Tool (Sitejet Manager)

a. Website Project Manager

A Website Project Manager is like a hub that brings together all your active websites into one easy-to-use dashboard. This helps you quickly see all your websites at once and keeps you updated on how each project is going.

Instead of checking each site separately, you can see important information and how things are moving forward for each project all in one place. This organized system makes your work smoother and helps you make decisions faster, so you can manage your websites better.

b. Status Management

Status Management in a Website Project Manager means keeping a close watch on how your websites are growing through various development stages. This tool gives you instant updates on where each website stands. It tells you what phase it’s in, what tasks are done, what’s left to do, and if there are any problems.

As your websites go from getting ready to being live for users, this tool helps you see how they’re moving forward. It’s like a clear window into their progress, so you can fix any problems quickly and make sure the development process goes smoothly.

c. Time and Task Management

Boost productivity with Sitejet’s all-in-one platform for efficient site design.

d. Multi-user & Permissions

The Multi-user & Permissions feature makes teamwork easy in the Website Project Manager. It lets your team members join your projects smoothly. You can invite them and give them certain tasks to do. Plus, you have detailed control over what they can access.

This makes sure each team member can only get into the parts of the project they need. It helps with sharing tasks, working together, and keeping everything organized. This way, your projects run better and you manage them well

e. Ticket System for Change Requests

The Ticket System for Change Requests brings an organized way to deal with client requests. Each request is carefully followed, creating a central system that makes sure no client need is missed. This system keeps important info like what the request is, how important it is, and where it’s at right now.

By showing all the client requests and how they’re moving along, this tool makes communication better and keeps clients happy. In the end, it helps make the development process more organized.

f. To-Do Management

The To-Do Management tool makes organizing tasks in the Website Project Manager much better. You can make tasks, set when they need to be done, and give them to certain team members. This helps make sure all the tasks for the project are listed, planned, and done in order.

By showing all the tasks that need to be done and who’s responsible, this tool helps with deciding what to do first, making sure everyone does their part, and getting tasks done on time.

g. Project Time Tracking

The Project Time Tracking feature brings a way to keep an eye on how much time is spent on each project. This system is built to be accurate – it stops counting time when there’s no activity, so the records are exact.

By noting the time used for different tasks and projects, this tool helps with figuring out project costs, where resources are going, and how well things are going. It gives important information about how well team members are working and how the whole project is doing. This all helps with managing projects well and making smart choices.


#2 Professional Website Builder (Sitejet CMS)

a. Effortless Website Creation, No Coding Required

You don’t need coding expertise to create perfect websites. Sitejet Builder makes website creation so simple that even your grandma can create impressive sites within minutes.

No more dealing with complicated code – say hi to an easy drag & drop editor. Arrange elements with ease, adjust layouts, and personalize as much as you want. It’s like having a design assistant that fulfills your web design desires without any stress.

b. Unlock Your Creativity with Great Templates 

Looking for some inspiration to begin your web design journey? Sitejet Builder has a wide array of expertly crafted templates (precisely 120+ templates) to choose from. These templates are meticulously designed and cater to different industries and niches, giving you a strong starting point for your website. Select a template that aligns with your vision, and see it transform with your own special touches.

c. Showcase Brand’s Colors with Corporate Identity Detection

We understand the significance of your brand identity for your business. That’s why Sitejet Builder goes above and beyond with its Corporate Identity Detection feature. When you upload your logo, Sitejet Builder examines it and recommends your brand’s color scheme for the entire website.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and irregularity. With Sitejet Builder, your website will genuinely represent your brand’s identity, establishing a seamless and polished online presence

d. Create Content Like a True Professional 

Require assistance in crafting captivating content? Sitejet Builder’s on-page editor includes the Text Generator—an AI-powered helper that aids in creating and placing text directly onto the page. Say goodbye to writer’s block and welcome compelling copy that captures interest.

Leverage dynamic content collections to involve your users with interactive and customized material. Design dynamic blogs using carousels and sliders, or showcase product listings to boost conversions.

And remember, an image can convey a lot. That’s why we provide free stock photos and videos to add even more vitality to your page.


#3 End Customer Portal

a. Collect data and create Briefings

This feature helps you collect and keep important information for each project. It includes things like what the customer likes, what they need, and how they want things to look. All this info is linked to each project, making a big collection of details just for that project.

With all this info together, you can make detailed briefings that match what the client wants. This keeps the project on track and makes sure everyone knows what to do.

b. Feedback Tool

The Feedback Tool makes talking and working with clients easier. It gives a place where you can talk, give out jobs, and handle changes all in one spot.

This tool puts all the client stuff in one place, so it’s simple to see their ideas, make changes, and keep the project going the way they want it to be.

c. File Transfer and Management

The File Transfer and Management feature makes it easy to quickly send and get big files. This simple system lets you smoothly share project files, documents and things you need, with clients and your team.

The tool also helps you keep files neat and tidy, so you can find what you want easily. This feature helps everyone work together better, talk less, and get things done faster in the project.

d. Email Manager

The Email Manager in Sitejet makes talking to clients and team members super easy right in the same place. It’s fully connected with tools for customers and files, so you can send and get messages while keeping everything together.

This way of working makes communication simple, helps keep track of projects, and makes sure all the talking fits with the right projects and files.

e. Internal Protocol

The Internal Protocol feature is like a central place where you keep and follow internal info and updates as your projects move forward. You can keep a full record of notes, how things are going, and what’s happening as projects change.

This one-stop collection of info helps the team see what’s going on, makes internal talking smoother, and gives a history of how the project grew.

f. Create Email Templates

The Create Email Templates functionality enhances email productivity by allowing you to design and save standardized email templates. These templates can be easily customized and tailored to specific communication needs.

Additionally, auto-fill features further expedite the email workflow by populating common fields automatically.

This automation not only saves time but also ensures consistent communication with clients and team members, contributing to a professional and efficient correspondence process.


In Closing

Plesk’s Sitejet Website Builder seamlessly combines website creation and project management, providing an easy editing system and a range of integrated features. You can effortlessly collect and respond to customer feedback, and the user-friendly ticket system helps you stay organized with your projects.

Integrated smoothly with Plesk, this platform serves both web designers and small businesses, making sure your creations stand out and your projects flourish. With Sitejet, you’re ready to achieve a new level of success. 

Explore the official SiteJet website here:

Begin your journey with Plesk’s SiteJet now

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