There are a lot to consider when you’re starting a new business online. With Exabytes Hosting Services, it’s very easy to get your website up on the Internet and start connecting with customers.

what's the right hosting plan for me

Website Builder, Anyone?

The first step to build a great website is to start with a great hosting plan. Once your domain name and hosting plan are ready, you can plan out the rest of your website using Exabytes Website Builder easily. You don’t need any kind of coding or technical skills to create a beautiful website.

Exabytes Website Builder

Or would you prefer a CMS?

Another option to build your own website is to use a CMS (content management system) like WordPress. Many small business owners and bloggers are using it as there are many applications available to beautify their website; other plugins are also available for additional functions.

However, this is not as simple as the drag and drop feature but if you have a little web knowledge, you can certainly figure it out.

How to pick a hosting plan?

You need to pick the right service provider, and the hosting plan that suits you best. For example, the numbers of email addresses given, the bandwidth and disk space, and guaranteed uptime to make sure your website capabilities can meet your expectations.


Some people pick their hosting plan based on the pricing. While pricing is an important concern, picking a hosting plan based solely on pricing is not recommended. There are some ongoing promotions offered by web hosting provider, such as EBiz Gold Unlimited Hosting Package (As low as SGD118/year!)

Your web hosting provider will store your website’s files on its servers and deliver them to your audiences. A typical hosting accounts offer the most flexibility in creating a website, provided that you need to know how to get around with the hosting account and the functions that come with it.

For example, are you familiar with FTP? If you’re not, why not consider an easier option — website builder.


Nowadays, anyone can get his/her website started without any stress. If you don’t have much website building knowledge, go for the site builder. If you do, it’s great for you to explore the features that come with your hosting plan.

No matter what your option is, it all starts with a great hosting plan!

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