SEO Image Optimizer Tools & Practices

An image compressor, also known as an image optimizer, is a tool for shrinking the size of photos so that they take up less space.

Also, because photographs can constitute a large part of a webpage, resulting in poor speed, one should minimize images for web.

According to the most recent Google Page Experience upgrade, the site must load quickly in order to enhance the SEO rankings.

Google included the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) in the update; one should use an image optimizer to minimize images for web.

Images not only make content more accessible, appealing, and engaging to consumers, but they are also vital for SEO.

Understanding the fundamentals of what is image optimization in SEO, people need to use image optimizer to minimize images for web.

What is Image Optimization in SEO?

Image optimization is the process of generating and providing minimize images for web in the appropriate format, size, and resolution in order to improve user engagement.

Image optimizer also entails correctly identifying pictures with information so that search engine crawlers can read them and comprehend the context of the page.

According to HTTP Archive, photos account for 21% of the overall weight of an average web page, and that percentage is likely to have increased in recent years as image optimizers have increased; they consume more bytes than any other aspect of the website.

As a result, slow website thats why it is suggested to use image optimizer to minimize images for web.

When photos can be reduced in size using an image compressor, website load speeds and the overall user experience increase.

Image optimizer can boost search engine rankings, which in turn improve consumer engagement, conversions, and retention.

10 Best Practices to Improve Your Image Quality

1# Image resizing

Image size and file size are not synonymous. The dimensions of a picture are referred to as its image size (e.g., 1024 pixels by 680 pixels).

The storage space is defined by file size (e.g., 350 kilobytes). One can use an image optimizer to reduce the file size.

  • Save the proper format- PNG, JPEG, and GIF all have advantages. JPEG is best for photos with a lot of color, whereas PNG is best for plain images.
  • Select the appropriate compression rate- The quality of a picture is affected by how effectively it is compressed, as well as its file size; the smaller the file, the worse the image quality.

2# Optimize picture file names

To acquire the maximum SEO power, minimize images for web and name the file with relevant, descriptive keywords. Include the target keywords at the start, separated by hyphens.

3# Make use of alt tags.

how to insert image alt
Image Source from

Viewers may comprehend the image, but search engine spiders want more information. Search engines cannot correctly index the image content without replacement text.

An image optimizer may be used to add minimize images for web with the needed content for SEO.

4# Make the photographs mobile-friendly.

Crawlers prioritize a site’s mobile version since Google’s algorithm uses mobile-first indexing. As a result, one should use an image optimizer for mobile-friendly photos.

5# Improve the image title

WordPress typically derives the picture title from the file name. However, if one does not use WordPress or the title does not adequately describe the picture, edit it with an image optimizer and add the required keywords in the same manner that file names are updated.

6# Captions should be included.

Image captions are the words that appear right beneath photographs and may or may not have an influence on SEO.

Captions, unlike file names and alt text, are viewable and can enhance the website experience using an image optimizer.

7# Use original pictures

Stock photographs are OK, but they will not necessarily enhance the search rankings because other websites are likely to use minimize images for web.

8# Insert picture structured data

Structured data on the website aids search engines in displaying the photos as rich results. Google Photos supports the insertion of structured data for product photographs, movies, and recipe images.

This data may be added using an image optimizer.

9# Make use of site maps.

A site map is defined by Google as a file in which the web pages of the site are listed to educate Google and other search engines about the layout of the site’s content.

In other words, it’s a file that contains a map of the website’s content.

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6 Image Optimizer Tools to Reduce Image Size

Image optimizer will compress the image without affecting its quality and will help the site load quicker. Improved search engine rankings are another benefit of faster loading times.

1# Optimizer for JPEG

Optimizer for JPEG

A JPEG image optimizer lets one upload and compress photographs online. This basic image optimizer program, as the name says, only works with JPEG files.

2# Optimizilla

online image optimizer

Optimizilla is able to print high-quality photos with the smallest file size feasible. This utility also works as an image optimizer to compress JPEG and PNG pictures.


Kraken online image optimizer is another bulk image optimizer. allows one to optimize large volumes of JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF files.

4# ImageOptim

ImageOptim is one of the greatest image compressor programs available, supporting both lossy and lossless compression algorithms.

This image compressor may assist with uploading photos, increasing site performance, and getting the website on the top page of Google.

5# CompressNow

CompressNow is yet another simple image optimizer tool that supports mass upload. Simply upload the JPEG, PNG, and GIF pictures from your computer, select a compression percentage, and download the photos to use on the site.

6# Pixillion

Pixillion is one of the greatest image compressor programs for compressing many image formats such as JPG, GIF, PDF, PNG, NEF, HEIC, ICO, RAW, and others.


To boost SEO and website speed with image optimizer, one can follow the above strategies and leverage the best image compressor tools.

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