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Chatbots are not the only way to offer live chat on your website. There are many other ways to provide this service to your customers.

Live chat support helps in fast, convenient, and direct way to communicate with customers, which can be done conveniently.

Customers prefer to get the required information instantly through online chat, as most people have adjusted to chatting with anyone across the globe.

The customer support team dealing with various functions in FreshChat software has a massive role in providing efficient live chat services and other benefits.

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9 reasons why live chat should be added to the website

Chatbot Live Chat Service

The fundamental reasons for adding live chat to a website are the following:

1. Improves the customer support experience

Freshworks has a well-structured system to provide a next-level user experience to the customers.

Through live chat, customers get answers to all their queries and doubts instantly.

2. Live chat helps in customer acquisition and onboarding

Online chat available to users helps in better connection and builds confidence and trust in the service providers.

Such a trust will encourage them to use the services provided through live chat software, thereby onboarding more customers.

3. Generates valuable data

Live chat available on the website helps in generating and storing valuable data concerning the customers.

The data regarding common issues and queries of customers are stored in separate systems, which can be referred to for improving marketing and product development.

live chat software

4. Helps in boosting SEO

The data from live chats with the customers can help create quality SEO articles posted on blogs.

5. Live chat reduces repetition for the customers.

Quality live chat services provided to customers help in reducing the repetition of the same issues and contents.

6. Provides customer support 24/7

Freshchat and other online chat services ensure that customer support is provided at all times to instantly clarify doubts through live chat.

7. It gives an edge over the competition.

Customers always prefer those providers who can provide them with apt services at the right time.

Having an appropriate live chat system helps in enhanced customer support attracting more users to the business.

8. Constant updates and increased awareness

Live chat software prioritizes customer interest and functions to fulfill their needs through constant updates and sharing of the required information.

9. Live chat increases customer engagement.

Customers are involved in the whole process of the business through live chat, where their opinions and suggestions are considered in online chat services.

Adding a live chat option on a website not only helps you with a closer contact with your customers, but also enhances the look and feel of your website.

Studies suggest that a consumer is more likely to make use of a live chat option instead of writing an e-mail when trying to contact a brand.

The live chat software tools provides you with automated customer support options that are not only user friendly but are extremely convenient for businesses of all size.

With the FreshChat option, you can easily automate and add a live chat option to the website and help reach your consumers faster.

Quick Summary

  1. While dealing with customer services, live chat and other online chat methods are provided to enhance customer support and overall business development.
  2. Live chat not only focuses on enhanced interaction between service providers and users but also ensures that all queries and doubts of customers are clarified at the right time and aptly.
  3. Customers who experience live chat services continue to utilize it again due to its supreme quality and effectiveness. Advanced tools like sales CRM software are used for enhanced customer support.

The team at Exabytes helps businesses evaluate their business requirements and decide on the apt Freshworks services to enhance the business.

Free Chat Apps You Can Use in Singapore:

Live chat is added to the websites using various chat apps available in Singapore, where free live chat software is made available to the customers. 

The free 3 chat apps in Singapore are the following:



This excellent chat app helps effectively interact with the service providers and provides real-time notifications without delay.


Olark software

The live chat system provided in Olark is known for its customization features, where live chats are customized based on the users’ needs.


It is one of the most preferred live chat systems used by website owners, where customers are provided with all the requirements based on the services.

What are FreshChat on a website?

Live chat is made available on websites to enhance interactions and communication of customers with the service providers.

Freshworks is an application provider company that ensures a user-friendly experience for the customers.

Fresh chat culture is based on the concept of diversity powers innovation, where the ideas and suggestions from people from all backgrounds are used for enhanced functioning.

Adding live chat to a particular website will result in better sales and customer support efforts.

Live chat opens up an effective mode of communication through an online chat with the users, which is an instant process giving immediate results.

People connected through Freshworks (FreshChat) get a unique live chat experience where communication is prioritized in every aspect.


Platforms like sales CRM software helps enhance customer data stored in one place, which helps manage customer relationships.

Freshworks focuses on empowering the customer support team through live chat, which needs to be added to the website to provide enhanced services.

It is equally important to provide solutions and resolve queries at the right time while maintaining the quality of the live chat services.

The Freshworks services are based on the business functioning and features to ensure adequate customer support is available to the users.

How much does Freshworks CRM cost?

The pricing for Freshworks CRM varies based on the plan and nature of services provided to the customers.

Freshworks offers a free plan with limited features but acts as an efficient live chat platform.

However, 9 different plans are available in Freshworks, which users can utilize according to their needs and requirements.

The business size and nature of the services are observed and analyzed adequately to determine the Freshworks costing.

Freshworks’ pricing plan has to be analyzed with your needs and requirements to choose the right plan.

Connect with the sales team at Exabytes for exclusive offers and packages that are in store for you.

Exabytes prioritizes customers’ interests and provides excellent live chat services for enhanced customer support.

Live chat is an excellent way to create loyalty with your customers because they are able to get the answers they need in a timely manner and feel like they have been heard.

All the easy-to-use product are powered by Freshworks which offers great value to any kind of company. Click more below:




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