How to Point Your Blog Domain Name to Blogger & Blogspot

To use a custom domain name to point it to your blog at Blogger, there are three steps involved.

1. You may need to register a creative domain name WITH DNS Management when you make the order at our secured order page.

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2. After the domain name is successfully registered, kindly log into our Billing System
( Click on “My Domains” and icon at right as circled in below screen shot.

DNS Management tutorial - Point Your Domain Name

3. Make sure your Nameservers are set to ENom default DNS. Save the settings. Then, click on DNS Management at the bottom of the page.


4. Create CNAME records and point it to (Be aware, there is a dot behind).
Remove other records if there is any. Save the settings.

host name record type address

5. Last step is update your blogger settings. You’ll do this on the Settings | Publishing tab for your blog in Blogger.

6. Click on the link “Custom Domain”.

7. Fill in the domain name you registered and save the settings.

Now, you can ready to share your stories and lifestyle content with a .BLOG Domain. You might enjoy sharing the happiness by connecting with people who have the same thought & style with you.

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1. This only application to the domain name registered under Enom. (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz).
2. The DNS Management is not bundled with domain registration, make sure you have purchased it when registering the domain name.
3. The custom domain name and custom domain suffix may take up to 72 hours to fully resolved after the DNS is updated.

What is custom domain name?

A customized domain meaning is an one-of-a-kind well-known name that determines a website.

What is customized domain name suffix?

A custom domain name suffix, or personalized TLD, is a top-level domain (TLD) name that comes from a single company. The TLD is the last segment of the domain name, the letters such as com or net, immediately follow with the final dot in a link. There are presently 22 TLDs.

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