Have you ever come across someone who is muscular, highly effective at work and at the same time is a fantastic drifter? And when we mentioned ‘drifter’, we did not mean someone who wanders aimlessly from place to place, but rather fast car drifters who we see on the movie Fast and Furious.

The month of April was one that was full of pleasant surprises. A tough guy with an absolute passion for iPhones at Exabytes managed to impress our ever critical judges of EOTM not because of his drifting skills or his liking for iPhones, but his selfless dedication to his work as well as his great sense of responsibility. Outside of work, our April EOTM is a huge fan of English drama series and Japanese anime movies even though he doesn’t understand a word of Japanese.

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together to congratulate level 1 Software Engineer, Rick Toh Eng Chun!

The reasons Rick beat the rest of us in the office last April:

  1. extremely responsible for his work
  2. positive and willing to learn all the time
  3. an excellent team player

Congratulations Rick, you are officially the star of April 2012!