In May 2012, we at Exabytes gave our highest salutation to a superhero Exabee who made miracles twice within just 30 days! Without further suspense, we want to announce loud and proud that Rick Toh Eng Chun was officially the EOTM of May, after grabbing the award only the previous month. This phenomenon doesn’t happen often and it can be described as ‘once in a blue moon’ in Exabytes EOTM history.

A frequent gym-goer, not only does Rick have a sturdy and healthy body, he has the brain to perform exceptionally well two months in a row. Approachable and helpful to anyone around him, Rick is known to us as someone who is fun to mix with and highly responsible for work. Wait no more! Let’s give a big round of applause to Rick Toh, the Star of April and May, from Technical Support Department!

Reasons Rick was voted again the EOTM of May:

  1. Highly responsible for the tasks assigned to him
  2. Extremely helpful and meticulous in solving issues for customers
  3. Friendly and always gets to the root of technical issues when solving them

Congratulations Rick and thank you for making us proud!