SSD VPS empower your E-Commerce Website

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If you have a e-commerce website, especially when using open source platform like WooCommerce and Magento, you might need to take a look on the hosting environment.

Faster loading and data retrieval speed is found to be crucial for e-commerce businesses in order to compete with their competitors, sustain relationships and build trust with their customers.

Hence, it determines the level of sales performance, customer experience, operation efficiency and productivity.

Why SSD VPS helps in empowering your e-commerce website?

Here are some compelling reasons why SSD VPS helps in empowering your e-commerce website.

  • Higher Performance

No one likes to shop on a slow site and are always closed (downtime).

With the power of SSD VPS, you have nothing else to worry about on your e-commerce website in terms of performance.

As it comes with guaranteed loading speed, server resources and stability. The theory behind is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is served as an independent virtual server, in which each hosting account is assigned dedicated server resources such as CPU and RAM.

Also, you’ll not be affected by other hosting accounts who are using the same physical server.

A SSD VPS also helps in handling concurrent visitors and spike traffic. You will definitely know how important it is during your sales peak hours, or when you are running a promotion campaign.

  • Full Security

Security is one of the biggest challenges of an e-commerce website, and also the primary concern of customers.

As all the sensitive data such as credit card numbers, online banking credentials, personal information (phone number, name, address) and etc are needed during the checkout process.

This is also why e-commerce websites are often targeted by hackers and malware attacks. 

With VPS, you’ll have root access to your hosting account, thus you have more flexibility on installing your preferred antivirus or security software to counter hackers and malicious attacks.

  • Enhance efficiency & productivity

The quick loading of websites will eventually decrease the inquiries of databases and the system runs cooler while using less than 80% of power to run with SSD.

Also, SSD allows easy page administration and access that enable a business to operate at a much better pace.

In other words, not only your customers can enjoy fast loading speed on the front end, you also get to enhance operation efficiency and productivity with the power of SSD VPS on the backend.

Imagine you are processing orders and uploading new products without any lagging and it’s 3x faster.


“Better Website Performance = Better Customer Experience = Better Sales Performance”

I bet you are reading this article because you want to improve your customer experience and sales performance, right?

If so, running your e-commerce website on a SSD VPS is definitely a ideal choice. In fact, a good shopping experience is proven that contributes a lot to the sales performance and conversion rate.

Imagine if your website or product images are loading slow on your website, most of the customers tend to leave. In contrast, if your website is loading smooth and fast, it helps to increase the basket size as well.  

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