Sammi Sim

An event specialist who passionate about travelling and exploring new places and have an adventurous spirit.

SME DigitalFest 2021 – Leveraging Technology for Business Transformation

Asia’s Leading SME Conference. Learn, unlearn and relearn to keep pace with the rapidly changing world and technology. Join us at SME DigitalFest 2021 to learn how to navigate change through transformation, automation, and modernization.

26 Award-Winning Web Designers, Developers and Agencies; Singapore Website Awards 2020

It's finally a wrap for Singapore Website Awards 2020, thank you for all the talent in Singapore for submitting your website to Singapore Website...

SWA 2020 Virtual Presentation Ceremony

Mark your calendar for the SWA 2020 Awards Presentation Ceremony, slated to take place on 31st March 2021 (Wednesday). We are taking the SWA 2020 Awards Presentation Ceremony ONLINE! The good news is: not only winners are invited to the ceremony, but the general public is also welcome to join too to witness the recognition of the best websites in Singapore!

The Ideal Elements of Successful Ads

In this panel discussion, we will be looking at a full range of advertisements - video advertisements, banner advertisements, and other forms of promotional ads used on various social media platforms and other mediums. 

Web Feng Shui 2021 – Forecast & Remedies on SEO

SEO helps enhance the visibility of a website/E-Commerce Store by ranking it higher in the search results.. Join the upcoming webinar to learn all about Google Feng Shui and make your website/E-Commerce Store appear on the 1st page of Google search! 

Best Practices For Your WordPress Management

This WordPress Workshop will focus on the best practices in WordPress management and cover several important aspects including installing the right plugins, the “myth” of SEO, the right way to perform a backup, the recommended security practices, and so much more. 

Kickstarting 2021: Winning Business Strategies in Singapore [Online Webinar]

Are you ready to Kickstart your business this 2021? Seven different experienced speakers who will share the business transformation and marketing strategies, techniques and tools that are important in your online business journey.

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

When planning a digital marketing strategy, we often come across terms like ‘outbound marketing’ & 'inbound marketing'. So what are they?  Find out more.

Announcing 5 Conference Speakers for WebFest Asia 2020

WebFest Asia is an emerging and business medium within the display ecology, a turbulent and creative way to involve audiences. Today, digital collection designers continue...

Introducing the First 5 Speakers at WebFest Asia 2020

Webfest is back! But this time, it is different and with a new look - it will be WebFest Asia 2020!  This time, we gathered...