Effective security tools for cybersecurity in industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is all about changes to industries, processes and their technologies.

This also calls for digital transformation to ensure old and new industries are able to embrace new technologies like Acronis and integrate it within their business.

Cybersecurity is an essential part of industry 4.0.

Without appropriate security measures, digital transformation and upliftment of the economy as part of industry 4.0 would be impossible.

With the world becoming an extremely “inter connected” place – cybersecurity as a service is a fundamental need. 

Cloud based service providers like Acronis provide top notch cybersecurity services including cloud managed backups and disaster recovery as a service.

The most recent stage of industry 4.0 as defined by PwC’s Insights is –  “the 4th industrial revolution, which connects machines, people, and physical assets into an integrated digital ecosystem that seamlessly generates, analyses, and communicates data, and sometimes takes action based on that data without the need for human intervention.” 

Through Industry 4.0 technologies like cloud and real-time data analytics, enormous volumes of data are now created and exchanged throughout operations.

Cybersecurity is more essential than ever now.

Along with it, tools like Acronis Cyber Protect for cloud backup and Veeam for disaster recovery also have to be integrated with operations.

Effective Cyber Security Tools to Consider

cybersecurity awareness for industry


First released in 1998 as Ethereal, it was renamed to Wireshark in 2006. Being around for 24 years, it predates industry 4.0.

Wireshark is a popular cybersecurity tool used by system administrators and network analysts when assessing potential security threats.

With industry 4.0 bringing in digital transformation, security monitoring tools and a cybersecurity assessment tool like Wireshark become a necessity.


Top reasons why people use Wireshark are:

Professionals in the cyber security industry 4.0 use this as part of their cybersecurity apparatus to store data packets and determine the traits and behaviours demonstrated by each packet.

This information aids in unearthing network weaknesses and build a secure network which can support industry 4.0 and its technology needs to support interconnected devices, systems and operations.

As a cybersecurity tool, Wireshark has been downloaded several thousand times world over.

A combination of Wireshark cybersecurity with a disaster recovery tool is an unbeatable combination to implement the industry 4.0 objectives.


With its first stable release in 2015, KisMAC is a cybersecurity tool focused on wireless network discovery for Mac devices.

The onset of industry 4.0 has led to a widespread adoption of iOS and Mac based computers and systems for delivering better user experience and graphics creation.

Be it a windows PC or a Mac device, cybersecurity is equally essential for both.

As a cybersecurity tool, KisMAC scans open wireless connections like airports, hotels etc to hunt for vulnerabilities and loopholes.

In the form of cybersecurity assessment tool and security monitoring tools – It specialises in unearthing activities like brute foce assaults and other such network activities which are harmful for service availability.

With industry 4.0 encouraging widespread adoption of concepts like Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity as a service becomes critical to ensure security of services and apps.

Top reasons for using KisMAC are:

  • Kismet drone support
  • Can draw area maps of network coverage
  • Reveals hidden/ cloaked devices in network
  • Show logged in clients (with MAC addresses, IP addresses and signal strengths)

Pairing backup services with KisMAC helps get double protection of cybersecurity and cloud managed backups – most needed for industry 4.0 aspirants.


Forcepoint, since its inception in 1994, has been a preferred cybersecurity tool to protect users’ real-time interaction with any and every form of data.


It provides secure access to people within an organization to connect with other touch points.

With industry 4.0, it is not just cybersecurity of systems and devices. Businesses engrossed in digital transformation also have to safeguard their users and data security.

Top features of Forcepoint are:

  • Threat Response
  • Web Traffic Reporting
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Security Auditing

With Forcepoint, cybersecurity experts can design a secure wide area network to prevent cyber security issues, create restricted accesses for a select group of people only for mission critical data like finance and patents.

Employees can concentrate on creating value for business while Forcepoint ensures a business’ industry 4.0 ambitions are safe and secure from cybersecurity troubles.

Industry 4.0 adoption generates a lot of data and information which has to be protected at all times.

Security monitoring tools and a cybersecurity assessment tool like Forcepoint helps create a safe environment for seamless interconnected access.

Forcepoint gives cybersecurity experts the ability to have historic logs and data for cybersecurity risk assessment and root cause fix is invaluable.

Industry 4.0 needs such tools for uninterrupted progress.

While Forcepoint takes care of cybersecurity risk addressing, backup service tools ensures companies always have a working copy of their data if and when a disaster strikes them.


One of the newest entrants in the cybersecurity arena is Aircrack-ng.

With its first stable release in 2002, Aircrack-ng is a fork of the actual Aircrack program.

As a result of which, aircraft-ng is pre-installed in a number of Linux distributions.

The industry 4.0 movement brings along challenges to scale fast.

Cybersecurity risks can be mitigated to a large extent with aircrack-ng preinstalled on systems.

With security monitoring tools being in demand and coming at a cost, Aircrack-ng acts as a cybersecurity assessment tool and a monitoring aid for cybersecurity professionals.

Top 4 features of Aircrack-ng are:

  • Packet monitoring and capturing
  • Replay attacks via packet injection
  • Checking WiFi cards and driver securities
  • Cracking WEP and WPA PSK security for vulnerability assessment

Additionally, it gives cybersecurity experts the ability to employ its features to convert these data packets into comprehensible text files that may pass various security audits.

The industry 4.0 movement requires strict adherence to compliance and regulations.

The combination of cyber protection solution and Aircrack-ng as a cybersecurity assurance tool is what modern businesses need to adhere to industry 4.0 standards.


Nexpose is used for vulnerability monitoring – one of the better known security monitoring tools preferred by cybersecurity experts.


Be it active services, open and running ports in a network, applications which are available and in use – Nexpose helps cybersecurity experts to discover vulnerabilities based on the known attributes of each service and function that is running within a network.

With industry 4.0 bringing in a growing number of apps and services being deployed; cybersecurity professionals lean on such security monitoring tools and cyber assessment tool to perform a health check on their IT setup.

Top 5 Nexpose Features Are:

  • Remediation Reporting
  • Adaptive Security
  • Scan Management
  • Vulnerability Validation
  • Policy Assessment

Singapore is a progressive country that is taking the lead in cybersecurity.

To provide customers with top notch cybersecurity services to match industry 4.0 requirements, Exabytes provides Acronis cyber protection, cloud managed backup and disaster recovery services.

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