NVMe SSD is a Better Choice for Web Hosting
Why the NVMe SSD is a Better Choice for Web Hosting

Businesses, for managing their digital presence, must consider web hosting effectively.

Be it for a business blogger, an online store owner, or a web designer, it goes without saying that website hosting must be powerful to ensure that the websites deliver good performance in terms of speed, loading time, responsiveness to queries, etc.

In the current competitive environment, users prefer to engage in websites or web applications that are fast, secure, and highly responsive.

With the emergence of cloud computing solutions, many services are offering shared web hosting services in conventional infrastructure.

Though such services can be reasonable for simple web-hosting services, to improve the reliability of the systems, and to gain better performance capabilities in the systems, it is important to consider web hosting in NVMe SSD web hosting service offerings.

The emergence of NVMe SSD hosting for web hosting has changed the dynamics of how website performances are accelerated.

The aesthetics and design of the website, quality content, and security of the website are significant.

But alongside them, the speed and performance of the website too are important to sustain the development of proper web hosting.

NVMe stands for non-volatile Memory Express, a protocol that is followed in the new-age solid-state drives used as a replacement for conventional hard disks.

Application of NVMe SSD solutions leads to assured speeds and response times and generates better performance for web hosting.

In the conventional hosting scenario, the regular RAM and cache performance is important for the smooth functioning of web hosting, and due to volatile conditions of RAM consumption, could affect the speeds and performance in web hosting.

But NVMe SSD being non-volatile, it helps in better accessibility and responsiveness to the web hosting.

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Five key reasons why the NVMe SSD is good for web hosting services are

1. Reliability and Speed 

Among the first set reasons to choose NVMe SSD hosting is its reliability and speed with which the web hosting can take place.

In the current scenario, be it for gaming applications, fin-tech solutions processing high-speed transactions, or other information transaction systems, the need for reliability and speed in performance is important, and NVMe SSD stands as a powerful option to handle the scope of NVMe SSD solutions.

In simple terms, the NVMe SSD-powered web hosting solutions are expected to be at least six times faster than the conventional HDD hosting options.

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Also, it can support dealing with multiple sites in single hosting too more effectively than the conventional models of web hosting.

For a business investing in proper NVMe SSD services-based web hosting can be as good as choosing the VPS (Virtual private servers) for web hosting.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency 

SSDs are known to consume lesser energy than HDD drives configured computers and servers.

However, the addition to NVMe SSD solutions is known for more efficient performance with limited energy consumption, due to its SATA-based SSD configuration.

NVMe SSD is equipped to handle queuing systems in a more intelligent manner combined with an optimization process for handling workload allocation.

The market studies estimate that power consumption could be reduced by 97% when NVMe SSD web hosting systems are inactive.

As a result, for businesses considering environmental responsibility, choosing the NVMe SSD-based web hosting services can be a potential option.

3. Savings on Time and Money 

In the shared resources servers, the general structure is to share the resource contribution among various websites hosted as part of the public web hosting.

Any increasing demand for traffic to the website can impact the responsiveness, and the businesses might have to consider scalability with additional resources cost.

But, in the case of the NVMe SSD web hosting, though the services could be marginally higher than the conventional shared hosting options, still the performance in the process is high, and it can reap the benefits of cost savings in the long run.

In the simple structure, more than the costs of managing the dedicated server hosting, the services managed over the NVMe SSD web hosting solutions can ease the complexities of hosting and offer economies of scale for managing the web hosting.

4. Data Security 

Data Encryption

The other significant benefit of using the NVMe SSD hosting solutions is the scope of the command set created by the system with certain security command features like the ATA, ACS, and SAS interfaces, and complies with the industry-standard security systems.

Likewise, the non-volatile characteristic of NVMe SSD web hosting means that it does not lose any data in the case of a power outage or sudden interruption to the functions of the server.

Even in the instances of the servers getting turned off abruptly, one need not worry about the data saving, as the NVMe SSD secures the data effectively.

Such a process of security can be very resourceful for web hosting, categorically in the case of the web hosting process requirements.

5. NVMe SSD hosting better for SEO Rankings

The search engine optimization process relies more on Website positioning, reliability, responsiveness, as some of the most important aspects as key metrics for assessing website performance.

As the NVMe SSD solutions offer a more secure set-up of the web hosting process, the general responsiveness, speed, and uptime of the websites are high, and this could support better ranking for the websites managed over NVMe SSD web hosting.

Fundamentally, using a simple and effective range of NVMe SSD-based web hosting services can lead to a reduction in energy consumption, improved speed, and responsiveness, alongside increasing the uptime for the websites the system can be phenomenal.

However, one of the critical factors to consider in the process is to ensure NVMe SSD hosting is chosen from quality service providers offering the deal.

Are you looking for your business website’s web hosting over NVMe SSD hosting? Are you looking at attractive pricing options for managing web hosting with a reliable service provider?

Reach out to our customer support team at Exabytes Singapore for more information on the service offerings for web hosting.

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