Startup Cloud Computing Adoption by SMEs

Singapore is the fastest adopter of new technology of cloud hosting and cloud computing with over 70% of respondents in a survey quoting that their company has adopted cloud services at a larger scale since the pandemic.

The SMEs in Singapore were aware of several problems with respect to the security of integration of important cloud services with their business proceedings.


  • Why Cloud computing is Pivotal?
  • Reasons why SMEs migrate to a cloud hosting
  • Rise in Cloud Adoption

This blogs attempts to explain and help understand the importance of cloud computing and why it is important for SMEs to move towards getting onto a cloud computing solution.

Why Cloud Computing is Pivotal for SMEs?

Technology enables unique ways to ease the process of doing business, of which one of them is cloud computing.

Cloud technology is vital with cloud hosting, as businesses are leading digital transformation.

Digitization and cloud services have utmost importance in the growth of a SME business for which flexibility, maintenance, data recovery and high security is essential to sustain in the market.

At Exabytes, businesses define their own security rules with proper policies in cloud computing.

It is essential to get the right dedicated data storage in a private cloud of superior performance through cloud hosting.

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5 Reasons why SMEs migrate to a cloud platform

In 2022, businesses are undergoing digital transformation and migrating to a cloud platform, to serve their customers with fast and secured data, through cloud services.

Why SMEs Migrate to a Cloud Platform

Know the 5 Reasons for cloud migration:

1. Business Agility

Business agility through cloud computing enables the business to quickly adapt and
implement cost-effective solutions with the adopted solutions cloud technology being safe
and secured with cloud services.

You might have questions like, why should I move to the cloud?

Well, you should move to the cloud because adopting cloud computing helps create a surge
in customer demands, the production rate and provides a competitive edge over the
competitors with quality cloud services.

Business agility brings positive outcomes in an organization’s performance with cloud

Overall, one can observe the businesses expanding, growing and sustaining for a
longer period through cloud computing.

Perhaps, you would want to consider improving your business agility by exploring the cloud
computing with VMware from Exabytes.

2. Security Improvement

One of the major requirements of cloud computing for the business is the cloud services,
which is required to protect and secure the data.

Adopting cloud hosting with the help of cloud computing services can ensure safety
precautions, disaster management recovery and protection from malware attacks.

Moving to cloud hosting empowers SMEs to practice security policies and compliance with
the help of cloud services.

There might be several malicious attempts on the data that requires immediate protection
during the cloud hosting.

Data protection in Cloud Computing

Exabytes Singapore works closely with different SMEs in Singapore to improve and scale
their cloud migration with cloud computing and improve their security through cloud

Get cloud services through any VMware Cloud server provider to add firewall security and
protection for your hosting environment.

3. Growth Acceleration

With digitization being the main goal across industries, cloud services is only being
enhanced and developed in parallel with cloud computing and cloud hosting.

In Singapore, the adoption of new technology is the fastest as cloud Singapore integrates its auto-functionality to initiate growth with cloud computing.

Cloud hosting deploys websites and applications to a virtual location that serves the growth
of SMEs with proper management.

Exabytes ensures you scale as you grow with VMware Cloud Server which helps you expand
your businesses securely as you start small with limited cloud services.

4. New Technology Implementation

Migrating to cloud services as an SME can open numerous opportunities for it with adoption
of new age technology – cloud Singapore with the help of cloud computing.

Most SMEs would be able to derive and enjoy the benefits of Machine learning and Artificial
Intelligence to accelerate migration to cloud with help of VMWare – a step towards digital

Reasons to implement new technology and cloud services:

  • Reduction of Cost
  • Reduction of Risk
  • Scalability
  • Critical data processing

SMEs require constant growth to sustain in the emerging market of cloud computing in Singapore and at Exabytes, businesses get the opportunity to consult with a team of experts before the implementation of new technology and cloud services.

5. Digital Transformation

SMEs usually consider growing first, before investing in digital possibilities like cloud
computing that helps you with boundless opportunities.

Enabling digital transformation with cloud hosting, throughout the process of migration is effective for the business as the digitized functionality of cloud services increases the ability for cloud computation.

The Rise in SME Cloud Adoption in Singapore

digital presence

Cloud adoption in Singapore is growing at an increasing rate with cloud services for adapting to the latest technology and other requirements.

Talking about growth, Singapore has about 280,000 SMEs that account for 70% of all the enterprises and uses cloud services.

Examples of SME in Singapore are – AIBI International, Diamond Sky Oil, X-tra communication etc.

However, with growth of SMEs, there is an increase in the number of cyber-attacks on business without cloud computing.

Migrating to the cloud through cloud hosting shifts the burden of security threats.

This not only protects the database but also has automations designed to detect and prevent any kind threats.

With all the wonderful benefits observed, several SMEs in Singapore are working towards being a part of cloud Singapore with faster adoption of cloud services.

Enabling cloud services would be the greatest investment for one’s business during the shift of digital transformation.

Singaporean businesses aim to grow with cloud services in the next 10-15 years with the cloud hosting receiving growing popularity.

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