Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor vs WPBakery

We previously contrasted WordPress and WIX and agreed that all sites benefit from having visual editors.

Today, we’ll focus on WordPress Builder Comparison: Elementor vs WPBakery (formerly known as Visual Composer), two common WordPress page builder plugins. We hope this information is useful to you if you are launching the first WordPress website of some sort.

Elementor vs WPBakery Comparison

It’s fascinating to compare Elementor and WPBakery since each webpage builder plugin has taken a big space in the market.

Elementor is a newcomer to the industry. Its success has exploded, with more than 5 million active downloads in the free edition.

WPBakery, on the other hand, is one of the first page creators and has been around for a long time. As a result, it’s been integrated into many themes, which you can find on ThemeForest.

Comparison 1: User Interface


The majority of website owners would devote a significant amount of time to their webpage builders. The page creator you choose should provide a user interface that is simple to understand and use.

When you first open the Elementor editor, you’ll find that everything is perfectly organized in the toolbar on the left side of the page.

Drag and drop the feature you want to use into the preview panel to use it.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor Drag Drop

The drag and drop editor in Elementor is quick and easy to use, so you can quickly move elements around on a page or website and customize them to your taste.


If you want to locate an element in WPBakery, you must first press the plus icon that appears before you can enter the element table.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - WPBakery front end editing

Another feature is inline editing; again, the two methods are not the same. You can modify elements in Elementor by using the inline editing function.

This enables you to make the improvements rapidly and conveniently.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor Inline text editing

WPBakery, on the other hand, does not allow inline editing, so all adjustments you create in the backend or frontend must be achieved from pop-up windows.

It’s possible that using this webpage builder could take longer than you expected.

Front end

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - WPBakery pop up windows

Backed end

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - WPBakery Backend editing

Please bear in mind that WPBakery does not currently support inline editing. Therefore, you must include pop-up windows to render some improvements to the backend or frontend. It could take longer than you expected.

Winner: If you’re more inclined to use frontend editing, Elementor is without a doubt the better choice. WPBakery could be a safer option if you prefer to work with a backend editor.

Comparison 2: Available Elements

Elements are used to construct pages in the webpage builder.

The best webpage builder should provide all of the necessary elements for creating effective and appealing websites.

Functionality should be a priority also. Having over 200 elements to pick from might be useful if they have what you need.

However, even though there are 1,000 elements, and the elements you like are not available, it becomes useless to you.


Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor Elements

Elementor’s free version features more than 25 elements.

On the other hand, the pro version comes with over 50 amazing widgets and elements, giving you more flexibility and design choices.


Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - WPBakery Elements

WPBakery, on the other side, gives you access to over 50 elements.

More than 200 additional elements are included in the WPBakery add-on community.
This is much more than Elementor’s community would offer.

You may also use custom plugins to build one-of-a-kind website elements.

Winner: The number of elements in both plugins is about the same. In terms of the number of extra add-ons that third-party plugins can access, WPBakery stands out.

It’s crucial to spend some time going through each aspect and its basic purpose. The webpage builder you choose should have the features that better meet your needs.

Comparison 3: Styling Options


Custom branding will help the website stand out from the crowd.
The styling choices in Elementor are split into two tabs: “Style” and “Advanced”:

Style – You may change the basic settings, including orientation, colour, and so on, from here.

Advanced – Here, you can adjust the settings for borders, margins, padding, animation, adaptive interface, and z-index. Custom CSS may also be integrated into individual elements when appropriate.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor Styling


The WPBakery styling choice, on the other hand, is more complicated. Borders, margins, padding, and backgrounds can all be applied to the components.

You may edit whole sections or basic elements inside certain sections using certain tabs. Pre-designed templates may be activated, modified, and uploaded as desired.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - WPBakery Styling

WPBakery’s styling choices are determined by the form of material that needs to be updated.

There aren’t a lot of editing choices for simple components. You can modify only the background, borders, and margins/padding.

Editing columns may access other style choices. You can include a responsive interface (for example, covering columns on certain devices), a parallax view, and so on.

WINNER: At this point, the winner will go to Elementor. Elementor provides more simple and clean styling options for us to adjust how a website looks.

Comparison 4: Templates


Both webpage builder plugins have several ready-made templates. Elementor has more than 120 variety templates.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor Theme


WPBakery has more than 85 templates to choose from.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - WPBakery Theme template

Winner: Elementor has more templates, and their templates are better designed than those provided by WPBakery. Elementor also allows you to reuse your template design as needed.

Comparison 5: Theme Builder

Theme Builder

Elementor’s most recent version also features a theme builder. This functionality helps you to customize the website’s header and footer.

You may make them from the ground up or use pre-made templates. These headers and footers may then be assigned to the whole website or various sections of the website.

Elementor’s page builder interface allows you to create a custom header. You have complete control over the appearance of the header regardless of which theme you choose.

You can build a site logo, personalized title, and other special content menus from the same interface.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor Header and Footer template


For WPBakery, it does not have a theme builder feature. To enable this feature, you need to install and activate the Visual Composer Website Builder “brother” plugin.

Winner: No doubt, Elementor won this point again.

Comparison 6: Unique Features


One of the things we’ve admired about Elementor is the team’s dedication to regularly releasing fresh and exclusive updates.

The “embed anywhere” function is the first such feature that comes to mind. It requires you to use shortcodes to embed all of your saved templates.

The Elementor style may be included in the footer, sidebar, or other section of the site that supports shortcodes.

Another great and useful functionality is the global widget.You need to save a template once to use it in several parts of the site at the same time.

Any interface improvements will be reflected anywhere the global widget is used.

The Elementor Pro version also includes a special pop-up builder. To create a full-screen display, greeting bar, fly-in, and other pop-up boxes use the Elementor webpage builder interface.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor Popups template


WPBakery has a role manager function, which allows you to control access to different parts of the WPBakery user interface based on your role.

Even if it is not as thorough as Divi’s access permissions, it is a step larger than Elementor’s fairly basic user rights.

WPBakery’s extensive list of add-ons is not an essential feature, but we still think it is unique. Although you have to pay extra for each add-on you choose, you can greatly improve its functionality.

WINNER: Elementor

Comparison 7: When you deactivate the webpage builder plugin


If you deactivate Elementor, you will lose the styling, but the content will still look “normal.” WPBakery tends to follow a chaotic route, just like Divi Builder.


If you deactivate WPBakery, there will be a lot of annoying shortcodes to deal with. You have to deal with broken shortcodes and missing styles, both of which can be very frustrating.

Winner: Elementor again.

Comparison 8: Pricing


The free version of Elementor can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.

If you need all the Elementor features mentioned earlier in this article, you need to upgrade to Elementor Pro. This is an add-on for the free version.

Elementor Pro plans as below;

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021 - Elementor Pricing


Sadly, WPBakery has no free version. If you prefer to use WPBakery page builder, you will need to buy its plan.

Webpage Builder Comparison 2021- WPBakery Pricing

WINNER: Elementor. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Elementor is sweet that you can have the free version until you find it worth investing your money.

WPBakery Vs Elementor: Which One Is Better?

By now, you should be familiar with the functionality offered by both WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor.

WPBakery’s features are limited, and it does not offer a free plan; however, you can test it out for free by creating a demo sandbox.

It’s a personal decision to use Elementor. However, if you want to use WPBakery, you are free to do so. This is a good option, particularly when you consider its industry popularity.

Elementor can provide you with the most advantages. It also has an engaging online community that can provide you with additional resources or networking opportunities.

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