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Any seasoned content writer with considerable experience can easily source and curate quality content because it is not so daunting anymore as when they first began.

As an affiliate marketer, you would do most of your marketing with written content. Therefore, you need the skills and expertise of a seasoned content writer.

To improve your content writing skills, you need to keep practising and writing often. However, there are times when your brain will go empty – no ideas about what to write, and it becomes a problem. This condition is known as writer’s block.

There are also times when you may start to feel dizzy due to brain overload and pressure. However, all these challenges are solvable with simple tricks.

One simple trick is to organize yourself. Have a plan in place for when to read, research, write, and post. It’s simple yet effective!

Guidelines to Create Content for Affiliate Websites

In this article, we will share the principles of content creation for affiliate marketing websites.

We have seen many affiliate sites making a lot of revenue initially, but in the long run, things start to change, and the revenue dwindles. Eventually, the owners shut down the sites.

Finding what to write is not about choosing a topic but how you write it. People use Google to search, learn and find solutions to solve problems.

In this case, when you find a topic to write, think about what problem you would help to solve when readers read your post.

Top 10 Tips to Find out the Reader’s Concerns

  1. Google Related Searches
  2. Industry-Specific Forums (Your Readers’ Forums, such as Free Host Forum, Singapore expats Forum)
  3. Social Media: Questions People Ask Industry Influencers & Topics Industry Influencers Discuss
  4. YouTube Channel: Industry Videos
  5. Instagram Feeds and Comments
  6. Interviews
  7. Surveys
  8. Competitor Websites – FAQ Sections
  9. Conference Q&A Sessions with Experts
  10. Industry Software Knowledge Bases

Above, we highlighted the top 10 we think are good places to find readers’ concerns to gain insight and create your next content.

Selecting content for your website and blog

Nowadays, we don’t have the time to write like before. However, our team has established a routine because we can’t publish articles often. We publish articles 3 times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we will post a new blog.

When choosing what to publish, first, we have to consider its relevance. Second, we don’t want to write it in an abstract form.

We don’t even use professional English language phrases and technical terms because we want to create an easy-to-read article for our cross-platform audiences.

All of these are the techniques we use to build good relationships with our readers.

Now, if you want to improve your content writing efficiency on the affiliate site, this is what you have to do. It is a list of best practices that enable you to develop higher quality content.

Choosing the right topic and the rest of the content

Nowadays, searching for new content has become our habit, not because we have no luck, but because we want to discover and create productive and high quality content. We want our content to be able to solve a problem.

So, before we write an article, we must have seen its value before publishing it or even before writing it.

If this is very useful content, it will rank better than other topics in Google SERPs. Sometimes, we have to create as much content as possible, but we find that those content may not make any sense when we look at expanding it further.

We might end up writing trash articles that don’t resonate at all. Therefore, we have to develop a content writing plan to save ourselves from this trap.

When you search for a keyword in Google, you will identify all articles with similar titles as the keyword.

Look at all related topics and avoid having the same topic like the ones on Google. Make your topic as unique as possible from all other posts on Google.

make your article topics unique

Aligned with SEO Trends

In today’s digital marketing world, all aspects of website/content management must be aligned with latest SEO trends.

One of the best ways to rank content is to use keywords (relevant keywords) to achieve a higher ranking on the SERPs. Finding the right keywords for your articles cannot be overemphasized.

Now, when you find the appropriate keywords to add to the content you want to create, don’t forget to add the main keyword in the title, URL, and the first paragraph, because it has to be the first to be seen by search engines to get your article to rank higher.

Don’t forget about tags too!

Speaking of tags, these are the categories of keywords related to the primary keyword.

Usually, when we use a keyword search tool (such as SEMrush – one of the powerful SEO tools) to research specific keywords, we use the first five results in the list as our main keyword.

Then we have to choose one from the rest on the list to make up our tags.


Once the main keyword is in place, other related search terms are the words that we will use as tags for our articles. This strategy works well, and you should try it too.

This is the most important aspect of all SEO practices. In addition to keywords, good content should also have good links to it both internally and externally.

If your content is full of broken links or links related to spam, it will affect your SEO ranking, and therefore your content might not be seen by internet users.

Are you still wondering how SEO works? Check out our SEO articles to learn more strategies and tactics to use on your website, article and social media.

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