Even though Singapore is relatively a small country yet its achievements, including trade and tourism are well known around the world. It’s a perfect role model for countries that wish to attract investors, businesses and travelers worldwide. And .SG domain is the identity of Singapore! So, will having a .SG domain give any impact to your business? What are the advantages of owning a .SG domain?

Build Strong Digital Identity Locally

You want to make it big but first you have to win the trust of your customers. A strong digital identity helps to win the trust of your customers in Singapore and around the world because they now know where your company is based and originated from. Start now by gaining the trust of the locals, and eventually the global customers. A .SG domain is fully able to do just that.

International Market Recognition

.SG domain names are well recognized on the global arena, so owning one will help your business to gain popularity and trust from the overseas markets. If you are planning to grow your business and expand it to overseas one day (who doesn’t?), you could start by taking advantage on the power of a .SG domain. This will help your potential customers to align themselves with their brand by establishing a geographical connection that indicates relevancy to their customers.

Search Engines Giving Priority to Localized Domains

It’s no denying that search engines give priority to websites with localized domains when searches are performed on local search engine, for example Google.SG. In other words, local domains tend to attract the attention of local search engines compared to general domain names. The results? Your .SG domain website has better chances of rank higher!

Email Branding

Even if you’re not ready for a website, owning a .SG domain allows your business to have branded email addresses. Instead of using some free service from a free email service provider, you can take the first step to establish online branding, create better company image and credibility, and own email addresses such as [email protected]  If you are seeking establishment of your brand and professional business identity, seriously you should securing your .SG domain name now.

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