In the era of rapidly evolving technologies, the Internet today comprises of different URL extensions and they are not limited to .COM domain anymore.

Countries around the world also have their own unique Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) for recognition. The reason of having ccTLDs is to represent the countries and users on the Internet and to have their own identity.

Take Singapore domain for example, it consists of 9 different domain extensions namely .SG, .COM.SG, .ORG.SG, EDU.SG, .GOV.SG, .NET.SG, .PER.SG, 新加坡 andசிங்கப்பூர்.

All Singaporeans and even foreign companies are eligible to register Singapore domain with some of the above mentioned extensions.

For example, .SG domain is unrestricted and can be registered by anyone including Singaporeans, foreign companies, individuals and organizations that have a valid Singapore postal address.

However, there are still restrictions for certain domain extensions. For instance, .COM.SG requires its registrants to present their individuals’ company registration name and number for confirmation.

Any individuals who have fulfilled the requirements have the privilege to claim their own Singapore identity for their websites.

As of 31 June 2013, a total of 149,615 Singapore domain have been registered. Among all the registered domain, .SG Domain and .COM.SG Domain are the most popular of all; there are already 56,577 registrations for .SG and 87,611 registrations for .COM.SG..

Considering the massive amount of registered domain, there are quite a number of accredited registrars which process all the registrations.

One of them is Singapore Network Information Centre Pte Ltd (SGNIC), the only company that provides Singapore Domain Names registrations to resellers but not to customers.

Thus SGNIC requires accredited registrars to help them to sell Singapore Domain Names.

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