Is webhosting important?

A very simple question:  Is webhosting important? The answer is YES!

Everyone knows that Google is the most popular and convenient way to look up for services and useful information that we want. Imagine if you have a website, and your website matches with the search results.

What will happen if you start a webhosting plan?

1) Traffic increase

2) New customers and prospects

3) Page exposure

These three reasons alone should be good enough to convince you to get your own website.

Do I need a website

Some of you might want to ask the following question:

“Do I still need a website if my company is small, and my products are not suitable for selling on the Internet?”

If you ask me, the answer is still a definite YES. But why?

3 Reasons Why You Need A Website

Here are reasons that you might want to take into consideration:

1) Maximum reach

As long as one has a smartphone, laptop or a tablet on hand, information on your business and products are accessible almost anywhere through the internet.

2) Public awareness

Even if your products are not sold online, it is still important for you to get a website to create awareness in the World Wide Web, exposing your business and products to potential customers.

3) After sales service

Having a website is also handy for customers who need to contact you for after sales service. You can also provide a FAQ section in your site to help customers find the information they need with minimum fuss!

Looking at all these advantages, no wonder big brands such as Ikea, Tesco and Zalora which have their own websites are doing so well! Having said this, why don’t you get one for yourself, too?

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