how to create pages by using Exabytes website builder

In the previous post, we talked about “Kick-Start Your Website & Business with Exabytes Website Builder!”

Right now, we would like to explore how to build a website. It’s always easier if you get started by creating pages for your website. FOCUS on pages that are important.

For example,

HOMEPAGE: It’s the page that you can highlight everything you wish your visitors to see at first sight. Product Promotions can also be highlighted here, although it depends on the theme of the website as well.

ABOUT US: It’s the page to tell your history, background, and show business credibility. To make this page more interesting and attention grabbing, consider including an infographic that tells your company story and background.

CONTACT US: It’s the page for your web visitors to contact you. You could create and insert a contact form for your visitors to fill in if you do not wish to expose your contact number.

Other than the 3 above mentioned pages, other important pages are PRODUCTS & SERVICES.

 ** Creating good and enticing website content shouldn’t be something that stops you. If you don’t have any ideas on what/how to write, you could hire a web copywriter / online content provider (such as – Recommended!) to do it for you.

In this blog post, we are going to show you the EASIEST WAY to create a web page using Exabytes Website Builder.

Weebly website builder tutorial

Step 1: Click on “Pages” on the blue navigation bar and you will be directed to an interface like below.

Step 2: Over here, you can simply add pages by clicking on “+”

However, please note that the number of pages you can add depends on the hosting package that you signed up for. Please feel free to view it HERE.

Step 3: Once you’re done in creating the pages you want, simply click and start building the elements for the pages you’ve created.

Step 4: The very first thing that you need to do for your pages is to choose the layout style.

Weebly website builder tutorial

For Exabytes Website Builder, users can choose from a variety of layout style. If you have no idea which to choose, remember you could always choose based on these categories: home, contact, about and portfolio

Weebly website builder tutorial

Step 5: Next, you might want to play around with the 3 big elements

Weebly website builder tutorial

1) Landing page

2) Visibility

3) Advanced


Here is the place where you can change the header type, and how it looks like.

Weebly website builder tutorial

The types of header available are:

  • Tall Header
  • Short Header
  • No Header
  • Landing page
  • Splash


Weebly website builder tutorial

This is the setting that allows you to restrict access to pages on your site.

– It can be public (anyone can access)

– Password protected (only those with password can access)

– Members or groups only (only certain members/groups you created can access)


This is the setting that allows you to set the SEO title, descriptions and keywords. With the correct SEO title and keywords, it can helps on how your potential customers can find you!

Weebly website builder tutorial

So, here goes the basic steps on how you can build your pages easily. Do you find the above info useful? Please feel free to give us your feedback!

Next on, we will be discussing the elements available and how you can make your website beautiful and appealing.

Stay tuned!