start automation

It happens in all our daily tasks no matter your job position or industry. There are the tasks we are enthusiastic and passionate about, but there are also those repetitive tedious ones we’ve got to get through to complete the process.

Admit this! It must have popped in your mind countless times to have these tedious and time-consuming tasks assigned to an assistant, or be able to kick off automation.

You can now stop hoping. The possibilities are here and vast! Start automating your repetitive tasks. Let the machine do the work while you focus on what matters most, and tasks that require your brain juice.

If you’re an employer, adopt automation for the repetitive tasks of your company. Make your monies worth. Utilise the time and money spent on your employees in getting the best out of their talent. Don’t waste time and resources on tasks a simple software can solve for you.

automate your daily task

Start automation and rid off the tedious tasks you dislike! Here’s how:

Automate your emails in a highly effective and inexpensive way. Email marketing is one of the lowest cost platforms to reach out to your clients compared to other digital marketing channels.

On average, the cost of engagement for a client is around RM0.002 per month, which is comparatively much lower than other marketing channels.

It is proven to be highly effective. It enables you to engage with your clients in a much efficient way, especially during this modern era where computers and smartphones have become a necessity. Most people are checking their emails throughout the day, and they will have a higher intention to open your emails compared to an advertisement, especially when it’s personalised.

With Exabytes’ Ebuzzzz, you can have all your emails personalised, scheduled and customised to the meet your needs. In a click, your emails are being sent to your hundreds and thousands of customers.

Use email marketing to connect with your clients. Remind them of an upcoming deadline, send them wishes, or let them know of your latest products, upcoming promotion, or anything that you’d like to communicate.

Automated Sales & Marketing Solutions

Nothing can be worse than leaving your clients unattended. We, as consumers ourselves, we know how it feels like when we are unsure about a product that we’re interested in, and have a question to ask.

With online shopping being the latest trend now, communication and being able to connect with your customers is of utmost importance. We hate being left hanging and being unsure if a particular product is suited to our liking.

On the other hand, merchants will see a large number of abandoned checkouts, or in the worst-case scenario, lose the client completely to a competitor.

These situations can now be easily avoided. There are software packages with automated systems to ease your job, and please your clients.


A fast and reliable live chat on your website, use Freshchat to engage with your visitors before they exit. Be sure to connect and engage proactively with your visitors who are dropping off or are close to making a purchase.

Let the automation system do its job. It is there to support your customers, engage with them and turn new users into active customers, and eventually generate leads.


Use a simpler way to close a deal! Have your leads managed without the clutter and analyse and forecast your sales with in-depth reports. Freshsales brings the best of marketing and sales capabilities together.

With AI-powered lead scoring, activity management, built-in conversation, better sales pipeline management, lead scoring and more to create exceptional customer experiences, Freshsales powers your end-to-end customer lifecycle with strong marketing insights.


A helpdesk software to automate your repetitive work and save time, have all your customer conversations streamlined in one place on Freshdesk. One of the main features of Freshdesk is enabling collaboration with other teams to resolve issues faster. Conversations will be made easier with faster solutions for your clients by guiding them to explanation and informative videos on your website.

With Freshdesk, you will see stronger collaboration internally and externally. You can invite anyone be it agents, colleagues, or external business partners to discuss and solve tickets through Freshconnect. To solve an issue involving multiple departments, you can share tickets with other teams and work in parallel to solve the issue faster.

SMS Marketing

One of the fastest and most direct ways to reach your clients, using SMS marketing enables you to connect with your clients immediately with personalised messages. SMS messages get delivered instantly, and this day and time, the mobile phone is a thing that we will not go anywhere without.

People spend more than 50% of their time staring at their phone screens, and messages are probably the most opened and read. Set up automation to send private verification codes, OTPs, greetings and wishes to your clients. Keep the communication close and active. SMS marketing has a record of 98% open rate and 112.6% increase in conversion rate.


Instantly reply to your clients. The Chatbot works for you round the clock, even when you’re unavailable or sleeping. The AI Chatbot is an automated instant messaging software on Facebook Messenger. It takes over your tedious job in replying to the many messages you receive in a day, where some of them are repetitive questions.

It is a software that is able to mimic conversations using artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots can automate the best possible Facebook messaging experience for your customers. You can use Chatbot to broadcast your marketing messages to your clients, assist clients with their shopping journey, support your customer service team by answering basic questions, automate replies and send scheduled messages.