Domain Hijacking - Domain Registry Lock

Great News to everyone who wish to register a SG Domain name! SGNIC is now providing additional level of security to protect the ownership of SG Domains.

With extra protection, the risk of having your domain name hijacked can be greatly reduced.

What is Registry Lock?

You be might curious what Registry Lock is. It is the extra layer of security protection for SG domain names that protects you from unauthorized modification on domain name information.

Now imagine someone manages to modify the PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS attached to a SG domain. This person can then transfer the domain ownership to whoever he wants.

When this happens, the original and legitimate domain owner will lose his domain ownership forever.

Who should consider enabling Registry Lock?

The consequences of domain hijacking can be devastating! For businesses that heavily promote their websites, online presence and branding (especially websites that engage in e-Commerce activities), Registry Lock is a great protection!

Registry Lock can protect All SG domain names with different extensions, such as .sg,,,,, and

So, enable the Registry Lock now to protect your information. Not sure how to enable it?

It’s simple. The administrative contact just needs to log into VerifiedID@SG and Registry Lock portal using SingPass ID or SGNICID and make changes.

The same process is required to deactivate Registry Lock for the relevant domain names. SGNIC allows domain owner to lock/unlock this feature at zero cost.


Still not sure? Read the FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) HERE! Read more about what is domain before search for your business.

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