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3 Simple Ways to Earn Money with a Website & Domain

Profits are important to all businesses. Does your business have a website, online presence and online identity brands? Having an online presence, or expanding your business online is absolutely important in today’s digital world.

In fact, it takes only 3 simple steps to kick-start. What, just 3 simple steps? YES, it is…

Step 1: Grab a Domain

We recommend you to register a unique SG domain and keep it as long as you can. As we know, SG domains signify Singapore, the land of wealth, good governance and great opportunities. Thus a unique .SG domain can no doubt give you advantage in SEO (when you have a website in the future). But did you know that domain age can also affect your website ranking on search engines?

A SG domain is valuable. Grabbing one is like owning something valuable, even if you’re not all ready to start your website yet.

Feel free to use our Exabytes domain name finder to have a quick check if you still haven’t lookup for domain availability and registration status.

Step 2: Choose a web hosting plan that suits you

Many of us are not aware of the importance of website hosting to a website. In fact, what web hosting provider and web hosting plan you choose can affect your website business directly.

A good website hosting plan gives your website all the POWER AND HIGH TECH TOOLS it needs (such as online marketing tools), and ensure good website loading speed and good website browsing experience.

To choose the best web hosting plan, take a look at our previous blog post on 5 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Service Plan, or reach our Professional Team at [email protected] or 65-67272277.

Step 3: Website

Having a strong online presence is crucial to every business. In today’s digital world, every business needs a website, besides a social media page.

Your website is your ONLINE IDENTITY, and how your potential customers find you on the Internet.

Do you need someone professional to create your website for you so that you can focus on your core business? Tell us your doubt, website requirements and concerns. For more info, visit the recommended website creator here.

Here’s the five best website builder tools you should choose to optimize your online business performances.

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To get started, find out if your desired domain name has already been taken HERE.

And what is next when your website is done? Stay tuned for our next blog post! Here’s the latest post for 2022 you should know about what is domain as a beginners.