Power Dedicated Server

Choose Power Dedicated Server to have all the better and stronger features all in one! 

What makes a Power Dedicated Server?

On top of the usual great features like Intel Quad Core CPU, 32GB RAM, Unlimited data transfer and two 1 TB HDD, Power Dedicated Server also comes with Dell’s Redundant Array of Independent (RAID) built into the HDD, which guarantees the degree of fault tolerance and performance.


Also, Power Dedicated Server takes safety to another level as it comes with software firewall, for both Windows and Linux.

For monthly subscription, setup fee is just SGD200, and if you opt for quarterly, the setup fees are FREE!


R1Soft Backup

Not Powerful enough? Just add another one-time SGD800 upgrade fees and you can upgrade to Power Pack!

With Power Pack, R1Soft backup will be provided, which can back up your data daily for a 30-day retention period, without any space limit.


Bandwidth will also be increased from 30Mbps to 100Mbps, which is a total of 70Mbps upgrade. Service monitoring will be provided as well with this upgrade.

FREE Xiaomi Mi3

Oh wait, when you purchase this Power Pack, Exabytes Network will reward you with a FREE Xiaomi Mi3! It’s all yours if you opt for a one-time SGD800 payment instead of SGD5000 per month!

So what are you waiting for? Act NOW before offer ends! Singapore Cloud Dedicated Server