#WebHost Sale September

#WebHost Sale in September! 

Exabytes is having WholeStore Sale right now! Attention WebMasters & Businessmen looking for web hosting or online services! Don’t miss this opportunity, it’s the BIGGEST Sale of Exabytes in 2018! Let’s see which products are included in #WebHost 

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  1. #WebHost Sale – Premium Business Hosting – 40% OFF
    Tired of looking for the most powerful security feature for a web hosting service? Here we present to you Exabytes Premium Hosting with all the Premium Security Features you need!
    > FREE SSL
    > FREE Daily Backup
    > FREE Web ProtectionWhat’s Even More Special this time?! SERIOUSLY, IT’S FREE DOMAIN!!
    Visit here for more information about #WebHosting Sale in Business Hosting.web hosting sale-icon-domain
  2. #WebHost Sale – Domain Promotion – 10% OFF
    Almost ALL Domains that you can think of are included in #WebHost Sale!! From the most popular domains, such as .COM, to Unique domain name like .WEBSITE! Pick a unique domain name to represent YOU or your business/idea! Get a Unique Domain and enjoy 10% OFF Now!web hostingsale icon-vps
  3. #WebHost Sale – VPS Promotion – 25% OFF
    Besides 25% OFF, it comes with FREE Pleskon demand VPS with lots of benefits for admin! (Click here to know more about PLESK.) The job as a Web Administrator is now much easier. Have a try and you would love it! Non promo price is SGD 120/yr. Try it our Now!

  4. #WebHost Sale – Server Promotion – 10% OFF
    What is your main concern when signing up for a Dedicated Server? We’re offering 10% OFF + FREE DDoS Mitigation Now! Give extra protection to Your Data, Stay Safe from DDoS Attack.  

September #WebHost Sale Just Started! Limited Units Only. Grab Now to Avoid Disappointment.

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Happy Shopping!

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