Get a Bigger Slice of the Pie in this Year End Promotion Season

Somehow, we have reached the end of 2021, one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, and the good news is it just kick-started! Of course, Covid-19 or not, many won’t miss out on the year end promotion season to grab your favourite items at the lowest price.

Consumers (your readers, your audience, your customers) are starting a frenzy shopping mode. Now is a good time to prep your affiliate marketing strategy and get ready to blast out your marketing messages loud and clear.

Here is what you can do to X2 your affiliate sales.

  1. Take advantage of the large number of recent offers from Exabytes and find the best discounts for your audience throughout the year-end promotion period.
Get a Bigger Slice of the Pie in this Year End Promotion Season - Exabytes Promotion page
Exabytes Year End Promotion

Use your newsletters to send offers directly to their inbox. Notify them again when there is a new promotion! 

By sending your newsletters in a timely manner, you can stand out from the competition and increase your chances of earning more affiliate commission. Remember, your audience is already searching for these products, so hurry up and put these sales in front of them.

  1. Look for new products or offers that are exclusively launched at this time of the year to create a sense of urgency. Share them on your social media, website or blog.
  2. You know your audience’s preferences better than anyone else, so why wait? Attract them by publishing year end-themed promotions that suit their needs.
  3. Creating a gift guide can be an amazing help for your audience (for example, 30 gifts for craft lovers). Display these guides on your homepage or sidebar, where they will gain visibility, and don’t forget to email them to your subscribers.

New to Exabytes?

No worries, we have nicely designed banners and we have even prep the sales approach template for you too! Make full use of the sample and edit it to become yours.

What are the affiliate marketing strategies you can adapt? Check out the following blog to upgrade your skills.

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Existing Exabytes Customers?

Exabytes Refer a Friend program - Get a Bigger Slice of the Pie in this Year End Promotion Season
Exabytes Refer a Friend Program

This is a great opportunity to promote Exabytes services through our refer a friend program and earn an extra cash reward when your friend makes a purchase with us.

For instance, your friend wants to level up the marketing for her eCommerce business. In this case, you can fill out the online referral form here, fill out your friend’s contact details, select “Facebook Ads” and hit submit. That’s it! Our consultant will contact your friend and present to her the Facebook Ads services. If your friend signs up for the service, you will get S$100 cash rewards!

Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Refer your friends to Exabytes and let us grow together. 

Join our refer a friend program and sell like a pro!

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