Microsoft 365 Fun Facts

According to Statista – Over a million businesses worldwide utilize Microsoft 365.

Among these, over 879,851 businesses in the United States alone are subscribed to Office 365 suite software.

Microsoft Office 365 controls roughly half of the market for office productivity software. 

People talk about Microsoft Office 365 as the “next big thing” or “future software.” Chances are they are considering switching to Microsoft’s famous Microsoft 365 suite.

While it is a groundbreaking notion in the world of computers and operating systems, there are a few things one should know before switching to or upgrading to Microsoft 365’s latest offering.

1. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service

Cloud computing enables employees to access their files, data, and documents from any computer, anywhere, as long as they have Internet connectivity.

Employees may use their PC, Mac, Android, or Windows device to access any of the Microsoft 365 programs.

If businesses want to choose a Microsoft 365 subscription, just sign in to the Microsoft account and use the custom installation choices to install a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Microsoft 365 on the device.

2. Microsoft 365 features

Microsoft 365 products suite

Web Apps are the most recent online, browser-based version of Microsoft Office 365, allowing employees to create, edit, and save documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Web Apps are easily accessible in Microsoft 365 to business subscription plan members, whereas Web Apps on OneDrive are accessible to education-based subscribers.

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3. Why should companies get a Microsoft 365 subscription?

Many company owners or office users will convert to Microsoft 365 simply because it can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

New web-based programs such as Skype for Business and Delve keep one connected to their data at all times.

While Skype for Business provides a platform for conference calls, Delve emphasizes all relevant information from social media feeds and emails within Microsoft Office 365.

4. Hardware specifications

To use Office 365 smoothly, one must have PCs that run Windows 7, 8, or 10 or Mac OS X10.6 or later.

Microsoft 365 may be accessed with any online browser, including Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Chrome 18, or Firefox 12.

To download and install the Microsoft 365 Office suite, a minimum of a 1 GHz processor with 32-bit 1 GB or 64-bit 2 GB RAM and at least 3 GB of disk space is necessary.

While the program may work on hardware with less than the minimum requirements, performance will suffer.

5. Microsoft 365 controls roughly half of the market for office productivity software.

In 2021, Microsoft 365 had a market share of roughly 47.5%.

Google’s office suite has a market share of 44.56%, and Adobe Acrobat Pro has a market share of less than 1%. Office 365 will have 258 million monthly active users in 2020.

6. How secure is Microsoft 365?

two factor authentication login microsoft onedrive

Microsoft Office 365 provides the same level of protection in the cloud as it does when installed on desktops.

The Microsoft 365 cloud suite employs the same Trust Center and set of Rights Management Services.

For all data center access, Office 365 employs multifactor authentication, which includes a biometric scanner.

All external networks are isolated from the internal data center. All defective drives are demagnetized and destroyed.

All data people upload to the Microsoft 365 servers is SSL/TLS encrypted in transit. Security monitoring, file/data integrity, and threat management identify any type of online data danger.

Users have the ability to send and receive encrypted emails with Microsoft 365.

Due to Azure Rights Management, no files may be viewed without the designated user credentials.

Overall, Office 365 Advanced Security Management gives employees more control and insight over the Office 365 environment.

7. Content migration from other platforms

Unless people are starting from scratch, they will have to migrate material from an existing platform to Microsoft 365, which might be difficult.

Consider if people require the majority of their material, and if not, carefully select what one wants to shift and continue utilizing to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

8. Microsoft 365 backup options

Backup solution

Since all employees’ data is stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud, they must take certain precautions to guarantee backups.

While Microsoft has its own checks and balances in place, as well as 24/7 on-call assistance, people will almost certainly need the services of a third-party backup provider.

To lessen the likelihood of data loss, Microsoft 365 implements data redundancy by replicating data across geographically separated data centers.

Multiple copies of the same data provide speedier recovery and prevent irreversible data failures.

9. Streamlining Office 365 Utilization

Because employees or family members will have a lot of stuff kept in physical locations, people will need to select how much information they want in Microsoft 365, and based on that they can get Microsoft 365 subscription.

Data integration and data reiteration would be simplified if data was carefully selected and winnowed before being transferred to the Microsoft 365 cloud.

10. Advantages of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides more than simply cloud computing services.

The Microsoft 365 subscription includes 1 TB of free storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service; free website hosting with all essential tools; 60 free Skype minutes per month to contact landline phones.

Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent example of the direction cloud computing and storage are heading.

Many organizations are converting to Microsoft 365 for a number of reasons since cloud computing is quickly becoming an important aspect of many enterprises’ tech strategies.

It’s been a long road since Microsoft’s founding in 1975. Since then, the corporation has expanded and created many excellent pieces of software, such as Microsoft 365, that people are accustomed to using.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud workplace that may help people pursue their passions while still running their businesses.

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