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Microsoft 365 is the new age avatar of the previous MS Office Suite of products.

Earlier, known as Office 365, a Microsoft 365 subscription enables businesses to focus on their core competency and let Office 365 manage and run their emails, documents and messaging etc to experience one single connected product.

Modern businesses must be agile, closely connected, and sharing as much as possible to ensure customers get the best possible service experience from them.

This means easy access to shared files and storage for every person, group chats for instant updates, the ability to setup online meetings, and more.

What is the difference between MS Office and Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 65 vs. MS Office

Microsoft Office (MS Office)

Microsoft Office is a one-time purchase option for using products like word, excel, power point, email and other products which are part of the MS Office Suite.

Customers must pay a one-time, upfront cost to use all office apps for a single user on a single computer.

MS Office has severe limitations – the biggest of which is the lack of upgrades. If one wants to update the office license to the next or newest release, it is like buying a new product.

This is very similar to how one must upgrade to the next iPhone and pay the full price irrespective of the old model.

Microsoft 365 (M365)

Microsoft 365 is cloud based which means it works on a subscription model. The Microsoft 365 pricing is pocket friendly and suits every business as there is no bulk upfront payment.

It can be used like any other hosting plan where one can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Microsoft 365 also allows for free upgrades unlike MS Office.

As the new office 365 a.k.a Microsoft 365 is cloud based, means it can secure your data and customer information and ensure safety. Device management i.e. the machines on which office 365 is installed becomes simple and quick.

Office 365 also brings along professional email and calendar management to engage with colleagues, partners, associates, and customers irrespective of your geographical location.

What happened to the Office 365 business and enterprise plans?

Businesses and SMBs who had subscribed to the older Office 365 plans including office 365 business premium can take up a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Some of the earlier Office 365 plans have been renamed and are available under Microsoft 365 umbrella.

  • Office 365 Business Essentials is now Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Office 365 Business Premium is now Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business is now Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Business is now Microsoft 365 Apps for business
  • Office 365 Pro Plus is now Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

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The Microsoft 365 Products List

Microsoft 365 has one of the widest range of plans available for businesses to choose from.

Exabytes, the best Microsoft 365 CSP in Singapore, has picked the best business plans from it and is offering it for purchase along with unmatched support.

Microsoft 365 Products

For more information: Official Microsoft 365 Apps & Services

The Microsoft 365 Business Plans generally offer

  • Web version of Office Tools
  • A Business Email client app
  • A Microsoft Exchange based Business Email Hosting
  • 1 TB OneDrive storage
  • A web version of team collaboration tools as standard inclusions.

The number of machines or devices on which office tools may be installed, and the list of s available will vary depending on the office 365 subscription.

If you are wondering where to buy cheap Microsoft office in Singapore or looking for Microsoft 365 business premium subscription, look no further than Exabytes – the best Microsoft CSP in Singapore and the most reliable simple web hosting service provider.

How Does Microsoft 365 Enable Anytime On Demand Collaboration?

A Work Trend Index report says, “Nearly 60% of people say they feel less connected to their team since the shift to remote work”.

Microsoft 365 or office 365 has 4 distinct benefits which have an immediate positive impact on business collaboration and boosts productivity.

1. Anytime on Demand Availability of Tools on Mobile

The office 365 on cloud i.e. Microsoft 365 combines the power of cloud technology and mobile revolution.

This enables easy and simple access to the full suite of MS Office products on mobile and handheld devices. Microsoft 365 enables anytime productivity – be it from office or home or any location.

Apps like Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and Planner help form a fully online and digitalized environment for businesses and enterprises which are always on the go and have to serve their customers round the clock.

2. Optimized Instant Communications

SharePoint online, Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online for emails, are just some of the most efficient and instant communication tools offered by the office 365 cloud under Microsoft 365.

Be it large organisations where intranet is the origin and source of all communications or a small business where updates run thick and fast and so are stored centrally off the internet – communications help shape the company’s culture and reputation.

Microsoft 365, with its cloud-based office applications augments the flurry of messages and emails being exchanged by making them available online and every time!

Instant messaging on teams, super-fast emails to customers and external partners, centrally stored data and project updates on SharePoint Online are some of the handfuls of tools Microsoft 365 offers.

The entire rage of Microsoft Office 365 products is vast and caters to any group – be it a small, closed group, a few hundreds, or a few thousands.

3. Cloud Based Document Management

Microsoft 365 has a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint online which helps people create, store, work and update their work documents, knowledge bases, customer intelligence data and other insights for daily work.

4. Cloud Based Enterprise Search

Microsoft 365 has a robust enterprise search capability which has been developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With Office 365 on the cloud, Microsoft has created a search experience which makes it easy and simple to search for specific files within a large enterprise network.

With Office 365, all Microsoft products are integrated and share data with each other within the Microsoft 365 setup.

Gone are the days when one had to painstakingly go through hundreds of directories and folders to locate a specific file or document or artefact.

The intelligent filing and storing capabilities of Microsoft 365 across all Microsoft products helps users locate any piece of information or document within seconds.

It helps boost productivity and eradicates any possible repetition of work in creating the same document again or wasting other’s time in seeking their help to do so.

Exabytes is the best CSP for Microsoft 365 products in Singapore. Read more about the Microsoft 365 plans and sign up for one today!

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