How to manage multiple domains in a single hosting account
Do you know you can manage multiple domains in one hosting account? Well, you can do it with an addon domain. Save more and become hassle-free!

What is an addon domain and how it works?

An addon domain can be used for an independent website that is hosted in a new folder of your account in cPanel. In other words, it can share the resources (such as bandwidth, disk space, etc) of the main domain in the same hosting account. In addition, domain owners can create email addresses, forwarders, etc with the addon domain using the same hosting account on cPanel.

* Please note that not all hosting plans allow you to manage multiple domains, thus it’s recommended to check with Support to find out.

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How to create addon domains?

No worries, creating addon domains is simple and easy – all it takes are just a few steps! Here goes:

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel and navigate to the Domains section.

If you’re a client of Exabytes (SG), you may log in to your cPanel directly through the following link.

Step 2: Click on the Addon Domains icon.

How to Add Multiple Domains through cPanel

Step 3: Now, fill in the details of the addon domain. Type the new domain name without the http://www in the New Domain Name column.

How to Create an Addon Domain in cPanel

Step 4: Once finish fill in the details, click on the Add Domain button.

Steps to Create an Addon Domain on cPanel

You have successfully created your first addon domain! Now, you can repeat the process for each addon domain that you wish to create in the future.


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