How To Use QR Codes In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The QR code, the little square maze-like boxes floating around everywhere, is a simple and effective tool that you can integrate into your affiliate marketing strategy to attract your audience more deeply, no matter where they are. So how to use QR codes and why we need it in digital marketing strategy?

Basically, QR codes promote interaction and engagement through smartphones. This type of digital marketing strategy enables businesses to deliver information to users effectively. Today, users dislike anything that is slow and time-consuming.

All this is for immediate and fast speed, especially in the field of marketing.

The following is a list of how to use QR codes for your business:

  • Use it as a virtual business card to share contact information.
  • Send a preset text message to the intended recipient.
  • Use QR codes as non-contact menus in restaurants. 
  • Draft a complete email with the subject and recipient for users to click to send.
  • QR code payment (eg: DBS PayLah!, Grab Pay, Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR) etc)
  • Use it to dial phone numbers
  • Use it to display discount or coupon codes
  • Send location coordinates using Google Maps or Waze
  • Add events and reminders to the calendar
  • Automatically connect to the store’s WiFi
  • Follow pages on social media

How can QR codes improve the success rate of digital marketing campaigns?

Improved campaign tracking

Any marketing expert will tell you that tracking is one of the important foundations for understanding and improving the success rate of the marketing campaign.

If you don’t monitor your campaign metrics, it’s impossible to know what you’re doing and what’s not working. 

Editability of dynamic QR codes

The differentiate Static QR code and Dynamic QR code;

Static QR code: The actual target URL is put directly into the QR code and cannot be modified.

Dynamic QR code: Put the short URL into the QR code, and then transparently redirect the user to the expected target website URL. You could change the short URL redirection target after the QR code is created.

The dynamic QR code will raise the QR code technology to a whole new level. Not only can these QR codes be tracked, but they can also be edited after printing.

This means that if you accidentally make a mistake in the URL or need to change it to a newly developed version, you don’t need to redesign your marketing materials.

The appearance of the QR code will not change, but the information linked to it can. More importantly, you can even change the type of QR code used. So if you start with a gallery QR code, for example, you can change it to a PDF QR code with complete confidence.

Eg: In, the users will get a static QR code by default. If users want to convert the QR code to a Dynamic QR code, the users will then need to sign in with their Google account to unlock this feature.

How To Use QR Codes In Your Digital Marketing Strategy - The QR Code Generator

Easily link to various information

Speaking of various editable solutions, QR codes are suitable for business and private purposes. Whether you want to increase social media engagement, create digital business cards, share videos, or get more event registrations, it only takes a few seconds to get started.

Convey brand individuality

The benefits don’t stop there. Another key part of a digital marketing campaign is to include specific brand elements such as logos, brand colours, and specific CTA (call to action).

With a custom frame, professional-grade colour picker, and various edge options, you can easily make your QR code stylish, formal or beautiful.

*There are tons of free QR code generators with customising features that you can find in Google.

Besides, there are many good reasons to include QR codes in your digital marketing strategy. These include:

  • Cost-effective: You can use the QR code for free. Almost all QR code generators will not charge you for creating a static QR code. Although dynamic costs are nominal, their benefits clearly exceed the costs.
  • Convenience: The QR code is very convenient for marketers and users. They can be created easily and do not require expensive software or skills. Users can also scan them from their mobile camera without any specific software.
  • Multi-function: You can use the QR code almost anywhere. Product packaging, in-store and outdoor advertising materials are some examples. In addition, they can also be used for various purposes, such as driving website/social media traffic, sharing information, and obtaining reviews.
  • Environmental protection: The QR code does not require additional resources, such as paper or electricity. You can include them in your existing marketing materials. In addition, they are sustainable; a QR code can continue to serve your business for many years.
  • Competitive advantages: Many companies still do not realize the marketing advantages of QR codes. By becoming an early adopter, you can gain a significant competitive advantage and differentiate yourself.

To wrap it all up

QR code marketing is booming, and this is just the beginning. As more and more businesses realize the marketing advantages of QR codes, they may become the next big thing in the field of digital marketing.

If you want to bridge the online and offline gap in your digital marketing campaigns and improve their performance, QR codes can be an excellent supplement to your advertising and marketing strategies.

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