Google Sheet formulas and keyboard shortcuts

If you’ve ever worked with Google Sheets from Google Workspace, you know it’s a powerful tool for organizing and analyzing data.

Did you know that there are helpful keyboard shortcuts and formulas that can enhance your spreadsheet work? In this guide, we’ll explore the world of Google Sheets formulas and keyboard shortcuts.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply looking to streamline your spreadsheet tasks, this article will navigate you through Google Sheets, teach you time-saving keyboard shortcuts, and unlock the full potential of this remarkable tool.

The Power of Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts play a vital role in boosting digital productivity, especially in Google spreadsheets. This popular spreadsheet tool is favored by professionals and everyday users alike. With just a few keystrokes, you can swiftly execute commands, manipulate data, and harness the full power of Google Sheets.

From switching tabs to formatting cells and applying formulas, these shortcuts make complex tasks a breeze, saving you valuable time that accumulates over the long run.

Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Sheets

Before diving into efficiency, there’s a crucial step to ensure access to a wealth of shortcuts at your fingertips. Although Google Sheets may lack some of the familiar keyboard shortcuts found in MS Excel, there’s a solution to bridge the gap. By enabling these desired shortcuts, you can enhance your experience and work seamlessly.

To activate compatible shortcuts in Google spreadsheets, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Help option in the menu.
  2. Select Keyboard shortcuts from the dropdown.
  3. A dialog box labeled Keyboard Shortcuts will appear. Within it, enable the option titled ‘Enable compatible spreadsheet shortcuts’.

Google Sheets Spreadsheet keyboard shortcuts

By successfully enabling these shortcuts, you’ll gain access to a wide range of commands that mirror the familiar Excel shortcuts, making your Google Sheets experience even more efficient and effective.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Sheets

Discover the essential keyboard shortcuts that will revolutionize your Google Sheets experience and supercharge your productivity. Whether you’re a seasoned Sheets user or just starting out, these shortcuts are indispensable tools that will save you valuable time.

Effortlessly Repeat Actions

One keyboard shortcut you absolutely need to know is the ability to repeat the last action with a single keystroke. By simply pressing F4 on your PC, you can effortlessly recreate the previous action, eliminating the need for repetitive manual tasks.

Want to apply the same formatting to multiple cells? Just perform the action once, move to the next cell, and hit F4. It’s that simple. However, keep in mind that this shortcut only repeats the very last action you performed, so make sure to use it strategically.


Elevate your productivity and streamline your workflow with these must-know keyboard shortcuts for Google Sheets, Excel, and PowerPoint. Mastering these functions will empower you to work more efficiently and effortlessly:

PC Shortcuts:

Cut: Control + X

Copy: Control + C

Paste: Control + V

Undo: Control + Z

Redo: Control + Y

Mac Shortcuts:

Cut: Command + X

Copy: Command + C

Paste: Command + V

Undo: Command + Z

Redo: Command + Y

Insert Row or Insert Column

Effortless Data Organization: Save time when organizing your data with these convenient shortcuts:

PC Shortcuts:

Insert Row Above: ALT + I + R

Insert Row Below: ALT + I + W

Insert Column Above: ALT + I + C

Insert Column Below: ALT + I + G

Mac Shortcuts:

Insert Row Above: Ctrl + Option + I, then R

Insert Row Below: Ctrl + Option + I, then W

Insert Column Above: Ctrl + Option + I, then C

Insert Column Below: Ctrl + Option + I, then G

Delete Row or Delete Column

Efficiently delete rows and columns with these handy shortcuts:

PC Shortcuts:

Delete Current Row: ALT + E + D

Delete Current Column: ALT + E + E

Mac Shortcuts:

Delete Current Row: Ctrl + Option + E, then D

Delete Current Column: Ctrl + Option + E, then E

Select the Whole Row (or Select Whole Column)

Quickly select entire rows or columns with ease:

PC Shortcuts:

Select Whole Row: Shift + Spacebar

Select Whole Column: Control + Spacebar

Mac Shortcuts:

Select Whole Row: Shift + Spacebar

Select Whole Column: Control + Spacebar

Find and Replace with Ease in Google Sheets

Efficiently locate or replace specific cell contents using the find and replace feature:

PC Shortcuts:

Find Values: Control + F

Find and Replace: Control + H

Mac Shortcuts:

Find Values: Command + F

Find and Replace: Command + Shift + F

When it comes to locating specific data in your Google Sheets, the Find dialog box is your go-to tool. Located conveniently at the top right of your sheet, this search box instantly highlights cells that match your entered text. It even provides a count of occurrences, ensuring you never miss a thing.

For more advanced search and replace capabilities, the Find and Replace option opens a dialog box packed with a multitude of options, allowing you to refine your search and replace text effortlessly.

The Powerful Google Sheets Formulas

Formulas are the backbone of data manipulation and calculations in Google Sheets. Just like mathematical equations, formulas consist of functions, operators, and cell references, empowering users to automate calculations and derive valuable insights.

With formulas, you can sum up values, find averages, perform conditional calculations, and much more. By harnessing the power of formulas, both individuals and businesses can streamline data analysis, make informed decisions, and boost overall productivity.

Get ready to unlock the true potential of Google Sheets with the magic of formulas!

Google Sheets’ Language Mastery – Google Translate 

Google Translate has revolutionized language comprehension in Google Sheets, making text translation across different languages a breeze. This dynamic feature has immensely bolstered the capabilities of Google spreadsheets, seamlessly bridging language barriers and unlocking new possibilities.

To employ this function, adhere to the following syntax:

GOOGLE TRANSLATE(text, [source language, target language])

Within this structure, GOOGLETRANSLATE acts as the function’s identifier. The ‘text’ parameter denotes the specific text requiring translation, while the ‘source language’ parameter indicates the original language of the text.

Finally, the ‘target language’ parameter determines the desired language for translation.

text – The specific text that requires translation.

  • Ensure that the value for text is enclosed in quotation marks or refer to a cell containing the desired text.

source_language – [OPTIONAL – default is “auto”]

  • Specify the two-letter language code for the source language, such as “en” for English or “ko” for Korean. To automatically detect the language, use “auto”. If you choose to omit the source_language, you must also omit the target_language.

target_language – [OPTIONAL – default is the system language]

  • Specify the two-letter language code for the target language, such as “en” for English or “ja” for Japanese.

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IMAGE Function

The IMAGE function effortlessly enhances the visual appeal of spreadsheets. By leveraging this function, users can effortlessly embed designated images into cells or ranges. Follow this syntax to utilize the function:

IMAGE(url, [mode], [height], [width])

The function is simply denoted as IMAGE, and the ‘url’ parameter requires a valid image URL beginning with the ‘http://’ protocol prefix. The optional ‘mode’ parameter enables image size manipulation, including compression, cropping, and customization. The ‘height’ parameter sets the image’s specific height, while the ‘width’ parameter governs its width in pixels, allowing for further customization.


The ISBLANK function serves as a perceptive judge of empty cells. By utilizing this function, users can determine if a cell contains data or remains vacant. Employ this syntax:


Identified as ISBLANK, this evaluative tool examines the ‘value’ parameter, assessing whether designated cells lack content or contain data.


ISDATE is an indispensable function for validating date values within specific cells. Utilize the following syntax:


Functionally known as ISDATE, this function meticulously evaluates the ‘value’ parameter, ensuring that the data within a cell represents a valid date. Ensure accurate output by enclosing the date within quotation marks.


ISMAIL is a vital tool for validating email addresses within datasets. Employ the following syntax:


Unsurprisingly, ISMAIL is the identifier for this function. The ‘value’ parameter represents the email address to be verified, ensuring its authenticity.

Efficient Data Management with Google Sheets’ Filter Feature

Unlocking the full potential of Google Sheets and efficiently managing your data is made effortless with the powerful filter feature. Begin by selecting the desired data range, then navigate to the “Data” tab in the menu and click on “Create a Filter.”

Google Sheets create filter

Instantly, filter arrows will appear next to each column header. With a simple click on the arrow of your chosen column, you can set criteria and apply filters, enabling swift sorting and analysis of data based on specific conditions.

The filter feature allows for the application of multiple filters across various columns, providing a streamlined process that simplifies data management and enhances your ability to work efficiently with your data in Google Sheets.

In a Nutshell

Mastering Google Sheets is all about working smarter, not harder. Familiarizing yourself with keyboard shortcuts and understanding the array of available formulas will save you time and streamline your spreadsheet tasks.

Whether you’re a student tackling assignments, a professional managing data, or simply someone seeking to optimize spreadsheet efficiency, Google spreadsheets empowers you to achieve more with your data.

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