Google Meet tips and keyboard shortcuts

Are you using Google Meet for your online meetings? If yes, we have some amazing tips to help you master the Google Meet app like a pro. Google Meet from Google Workspace has a wide user base worldwide, including students, professionals, and anyone looking to make the most of their virtual gatherings.

In this post, we will discuss keyboard shortcuts and awesome tips that will save you time and enhance your Google Meet experience.

Enhance Your Google Meet Experience with Keyboard Shortcuts

To make a lasting impression on your colleagues during your next Google Meet call, incorporate these invaluable tips and tricks while maintaining eye contact with your webcam. Google has integrated several keyboard shortcuts, including one that reveals a comprehensive list of shortcuts itself.

Below, we present a selection of keyboard shortcuts that work wonders with Google Meet:

  • Press Ctrl + E or Cmd + E to easily toggle your camera on or off.
  • Use Ctrl + D or Cmd + D to seamlessly enable or disable your microphone.
  • Display the current users in the meeting by pressing Ctrl + Alt + A + S.
  • Access the hotkeys and their corresponding functions by pressing Shift + ? or Ctrl + /.
  • Gain insights into the current room information by pressing Ctrl + Alt + A + I.
  • Hide or unhide specific individuals in a meeting using Ctrl + Alt + P.
  • Announce the current speaker by pressing Shift + Ctrl (Cmd) + Alt + A + S.
  • Display or hide the chat within a meeting by pressing Ctrl + Alt + C.

Mastering these shortcuts will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your colleagues, showcasing your proficiency in leveraging the full potential of Google Meet’s features.

Conducting Google Meet Polls

Engage your Google Meet participants with the use of polls, a valuable tool for moderators seeking insights and opinions from their virtual audience.

Here is a step-by-step guide on seamlessly conducting polls within the Google Meet platform, fostering interactive and engaging discussions.

For Moderators:

  1. Access the Google Meet interface and find the “Activities” tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on “Activities” to reveal a range of options, including “Polls.”
  3. Select “Polls” to enter the poll creation section. Here, you can initiate a new poll by clicking on “Start a poll.”
  4. Create an attention-grabbing question and provide multiple options for participants to choose from.

At this point, you have two choices:

(i) If you’re ready to share the poll with participants, simply click on “Launch” to post it for immediate response.

(ii) Alternatively, if you want to save the poll for later use, click on “Save.” This way, you can conveniently launch it at a more suitable time during your meeting.

If you wish to display the poll results to all participants, enable the “Show everyone the results” option. This feature promotes transparency and boosts engagement.

join google meet polls as a moderators

To conclude the poll and prevent further responses, click on “End the poll.” This action effectively closes the poll, indicating that the voting phase has ended.

For Participants:

  1. As a participant in the Google Meet session, go to the “Activities” tab located at the top of the interface.
  2. Click on “Activities” to access the available options, including “Polls.”
  3. Select “Polls” to participate in the ongoing poll. Review the question and provided options, then choose your preferred response. Confirm your selection by clicking the “Vote” button.

join google meet pools as participants

Important Notes:

Please note that only the designated moderator or host has the authority to create polls for participants to vote on. This ensures a structured and controlled polling environment.

After the meeting, the moderator will receive an email report containing comprehensive poll results. The report includes the participants’ names and their respective answers, offering valuable insights for analysis and further discussion.

Utilize Google Meet Custom Backgrounds

One of the standout features of Google Meet is the ability to personalize your background with fun images or blur it for a more professional look. Recently, Google introduced animated backgrounds, adding an extra level of liveliness to your video calls. However, it’s important to be mindful of using these animated backgrounds in professional meetings, as they can sometimes be distracting.

google meet change virtual background

Furthermore, Google has implemented an intelligent lighting adjustment feature that uses artificial intelligence to automatically adapt to the lighting conditions in your surroundings. This ensures that you appear more visible to other participants in the call, enhancing the overall communication experience.

Additionally, an upcoming auto-zoom feature will keep you centered in the video feed by default, providing an optimized visual presence during virtual interactions. With these impressive features, you might find yourself less inclined to invest in a high-quality webcam (although it’s still recommended to consider one).

These innovative attributes work together to present your best self on camera, even if your environment may not naturally exude a professional setting.

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Google Meet, a well-established video conferencing platform, has achieved a new milestone in virtual collaboration by enabling remarkable meetings with up to 100 participants in a single digital space.

This impressive achievement is made possible through a range of cutting-edge features designed to facilitate seamless interaction on a large scale. Leveraging state-of-the-art infrastructure, Google Meet effortlessly caters to the diverse needs of its users, allowing them to engage in high-definition video and audio communication of the highest quality.

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Enhanced Collaboration Tools

Google Meet offers a wide range of collaborative tools meticulously designed to enhance the meeting experience, thanks to its intuitive interface and robust functionality. With these tools, online meetings become seamless and productive. You can easily share your screen to present work and ideas in real-time.

Real-time captions are available to promote inclusivity and accessibility. Additionally, the platform allows you to record meetings, preserving important discussions and insights for future reference and analysis.

Download the Google Meet App

For convenience and flexibility, Google Meet provides dedicated applications for Android and iOS devices. This allows users to effortlessly initiate and join meetings from any location. The user-friendly app offers a streamlined version of the desktop interface, enabling users to collaborate and connect while on the go using their mobile devices.

Whether you have an Android smartphone or an iOS device, the Google Meet app ensures seamless access to meetings, ensuring productivity and connectivity are never compromised, regardless of your location.

Get the Google Meet App on Android: Play Store Link –

Get the Google Meet App on iOS: App Store Link –


In conclusion, we hope these Google Meet tricks and hacks can transform your online meetings into seamless and efficient experiences. By familiarizing yourself with the keyboard shortcuts in the Google Meet app, you can navigate the platform effortlessly and save valuable time.

So the next time you send someone a Google Meet link for a chat and collaboration, make full use of the tricks mentioned in this post.

Happy conferencing!

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