exabytes star employee
As a customer oriented company, Exabytes always places customer satisfaction as its No.1 priority. With round the clock professional technical support, friendly customer service support, and knowledgeable sales support, Exabytes customers can reach Exabytes anytime they wish, including on public holidays.

While our support personnel are best known for their helpfulness, friendliness and professionalism, there is one Exabee (yes! this is how we call ourselves) who stands out, and sets a role model for all of us.

This person is no other than Jayden Moey, our technical support engineer! Let’s check out some of the beautiful compliments given to Jayden by our happy clients.

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We had the privilege to interview Jayden and found out how he manages to perform so well at his job.

Some of his working philosophies are:

  • always listen to customers attentively
  • always find out their needs
  • always solve the issues experienced by customers ASAP – the sooner the issue is solved, the happier the customer is
  • provide not only solutions, but also precaution
  • always explain to clients the root of issues, and how they can be prevented next time
  • when issues are solved, explain to customers HOW it was solved
  • always speak and write professionally
  • realize that follow-ups are really important
  • give extra efforts in doing follow-ups

Well done, Jayden! We are very proud of you. Keep up the good work!