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We are honored to announced that Exabytes Group, the leading cloud and internet service provider in Southeast Asia, has achieved the VMware Cloud Verified status.

Being awarded the Cloud Verified badge indicates a provider’s capabilities to offer the complete VMware Cloud infrastructure.

As a VMware Cloud Verified partner, we provide unmatched levels of consistency, performance and interoperability for both traditional, or containerized enterprise applications.

Additionally, we instill customers’ confidence that our service is based on the most advanced VMware cloud technologies.

“Exabytes is pleased to have received the VMware Cloud Verified status in line with our effort to power more businesses with cloud technology.

We are strongly committed to constantly upgrade our products and services,” KS Chan, CEO of the Exabytes Group, was quoted as saying.

“Partners that are VMware Cloud Verified provide organizations with complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies, along with interoperability across clouds for greater advantage for their customers’ businesses,” said Vijoo Chacko, VMware Cloud Provider Program Leader, APJ, VMware.

“Cloud Verified services delivered by VMware Cloud Providers can provide the efficiency, agility, and reliability inherent in cloud computing.

We look forward to supporting the Exabytes Group as it empowers organizations with a simple and flexible path to the cloud.”

VMware’s global network of more than 4,300 cloud providers leverage VMware’s consistent cloud infrastructure to offer a wide array of services in over 120 countries, providing geographic and industry specialization, and helping customers meet complex regulatory requirements.

For information on how to become a Cloud Verified partner, please visit:

VMware Cloud Providers

About the Exabytes Group

The Exabytes Group powers over 200,000 customers (from individuals, small and medium-sized businesses to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries with products, services, and technology to energize their online web presence, customer engagement, customer relationship, digital marketing, website creation solutions, and more.

Exabytes family of brands include Exabytes Malaysia, Exabytes Singapore, Exabytes International, Exabytes Indonesia, Exabytes Digital, Usonyx, Signetique, Cybersite, EasyParcel, and EasyStore.

All About Exabytes

Headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, Exabytes is currently backed by over 200 enthusiastic web professionals who manage 1000+ servers with 100,000+ websites and 1,000,000+ email accounts.

Exabytes’ presence spread across several countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. For more information, visit Exabytes Singapore.

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