what is cloud server

What is Cloud Server

A cloud server is actually formed by several physical servers which are connected to the internet. They are linked together by hypervisor, the management software abstract their combined resources to create virtual servers.

Hence, a cloud server is not consuming on a single server machine resource, those sophisticated processes are being distributed across.

This is what we called “Infrastructure-as-a-service” (IaaS) model, similar to Google Drive, Dropbox and etc. 

While a cloud server’s resources are often shared by many different users, a traditional  dedicated server is intended to be used only by that particular company,  set up in the company premises and managed by the company, whereas a cloud server may be owned and managed by a third party.

What are the benefits of using a cloud server?

  • Cost Effectiveness

Subscribing to a cloud server is extremely flexible, generally you only pay for the space and bandwidth that you used, and forget about the server and hardware maintenance cost. 

  • Scalability

Scalability is totally not an issue when using a cloud server, you can simply upgrade your computing and storage resources to meet your changing needs with the minimum cost and time.

  • Reliability

Using a cloud server is hassle free compared to a physical server, as they are stable, fast and secure.

Moreover, you will not experience downtime due to hardware issues as a physical server did, the cloud will continue to operate even if a single component failed.

Also, it’s the cloud backup service provider’s responsibility to ensure up-to-date and secure services, and automation to guarantee that your data is automatically backed up regularly.

What cloud server solution offered by Exabytes?

As we are the verified partner of VMware, Exabytes are offering Managed VMware Cloud Server, which has the scale, performance, and security to meet all of your organization’s needs – from improving the level of efficiency to increasing productivity and saving hardware costs.

All this is backed by our certified engineers,so that you stay focused on the growth and success of your business with complete peace of mind.

Talk to us today and request an online quote if you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, and we’ll design a cloud server solution for you.