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More than a pretty ‘hang’ on your wall, life is not long enough for art.

Exquisite Art houses artists from Central Asia, Europe, and the region. Despite not being an artist, Livette Dikalenko’s (CEO of Exquisite Art) love for art and creativity drew her into a business associated with the arts. She saw an opportunity to have a digital transformation in her business. She wanted to create a digital platform for artists to sell their art with ease. She hopes that through this online platform, art can be made accessible for all artists and buyers. 

It is an amazing feat how Exquisite Art grew from 1 artist and 5 paintings in 2017 to housing over 40 artists with more than 200 paintings.

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Tell us more about your brand story.

My Company name and life in Singapore inspired me to have my own business.

When I came to Singapore from Kazakhstan, I came across many galleries with different kinds of artists and artworks. After doing my own research, I decided to bring in something different. I want Exquisite Art to represent artists from Central Asia, Europe and the region. My online gallery offers paintings and photo prints for different needs and occasions. I have also artworks suitable for businesses such as commercial buildings, commercial real estates, offices and homes. 

Please share the most memorable challenge when you first started.

I know of freelance artists who can create beautiful paintings but do not know how to sell them. My challenge is to create a website structure and plan products’ details to make it convenient for both sides, for sellers and buyers.



“Never give up, someone will refuse, another one will accept.”

— Livette Dikalenko, CEO of Exquisite Art



How did you overcome it?

I did my research online and offline, and asked everyone how they would like to see it on a website – how to make it attractive, easy and convenient for payment.

What motivated you to go digital?

Art has been always a huge part of my life, and whenever I come across beautiful artworks, I will post them online and hope that they will find a home. 

A website displays all information about the product It is also convenient to place orders, to find out other product options and its full details. Through the website, buyers can learn more about the artists, their origin, and the meaning behind each artwork. 

How digital transformation helped you gain success?

It helps to connect artists, buyers and sellers all around the world. Most importantly, I can receive inquiries beyond Singapore and across the region.

Please share your positive experience with Exabytes. 

They host my website, my website works fast and well and have not received complaints from anyone. They have a positive experience with the website.

Digitalization transforms all areas of business functions and it is the way forward to remain competitive and relevant. And the beauty of moving towards digital is the ability to go beyond your geographical region. This is how Livette Dikalenko is able to close the distance between artists and buyers. 

The success of Exabytes is built on the success of the clients it serves. “Success” connotes several meanings to everyone. What we hope to achieve through these stories that make up “OurStartupJourney” is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals to pursue their big ideas regardless of obstacles and challenges. If you have what it takes to write your own story, we are here to take it further. 

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