Exabytes Digitalises Home Business: #MamaPapaGoesOnline

Do your parents run home businesses? Here’s how you can support them by getting them a free website to explore more possibilities in increasing their business sales.

The celebration of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Parents’ Day; do you have any suggestions for gifts or surprises? A bouquet of flowers, a Mother’s Day card, handbags and purses, customised accessories, and so on are popular gift ideas for this occasion.

What about the event of Father’s Day? Wallets, car accessories, and belts are also common gift ideas.

These are all wonderful, but have you ever considered surprising BOTH of them with a gift that is meaningful, beneficial, and long-lasting? Especially for parents who run their own home businesses.

Well, here it is: Exabytes is giving away a free domain and a free website build-up for home businesses to the 10 most story-worthy applications!

Why Digitalises Home Businesses?

Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have downsized their operations in hopes of surviving, and many more have closed down for good.

However, we have seen many success stories of people who digitalises their home businesses in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of them were able to sustain their businesses and many more were successful in raising revenue and brand awareness!

Exabytes is geared to provide an online presence platform to digitalises home businesses that are actively operating to enhance financial stability as part of an initiative to support and promote home businesses, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Exabytes’ #MamaPapaGoesOnline campaign would like to provide your mummy or daddy with a free website to develop their home business online as part of an effort to grow home businesses and provide them with an additional platform to generate sales.

With that said, give your parents the best surprise this Mother’s, Father’s or Parents’ Day by getting them a FREE website for their home businesses! 

How to Participate in this Campaign?

It’s really easy! Simply fill out the form and send your stories here: Digital Home-Based Business

Remember to submit your story between May 1st and July 31st, 2021. 10 most story-worthy mums and pops home businesses will be selected at the end of the campaign.

What Will You Get?

Successful applicants will be contacted by our professional team at Exabytes to discuss and advise the suitability of plans according to your needs. We want to learn more about your business nature, vision, and goals.

As well as, thoroughly understand the essence of your organisation so that we can create you the best online presence possible for you.

Our #MamaPapaGoesOnline campaign will include a free domain and a free website build-up for home businesses.

There are two types of packages available for this campaign. The Instant Website Design Package and the eCommerce Website Design Package.

Instant Website Design Package (worth S$ 1500)

We will create a 5-page business website highlighting your services, complete with a .com or .my domain name and a business email address. 

eCommerce Website Design Package (worth S$ 535)

We will create an online store for you that will showcase and list your products for sale, and you will be able to start selling online.

Both packages provide professional website design and copywriting, as well as a one-on-one private consulting service.

Such services are provided in order to better understand each business’ needs and to create a one-of-a-kind website to best showcase the business and to grow online.

#MamaPapaGoesOnline offer


Exabytes #MamaPapaGoesOnline campaign is designed to cater to home businesses that are eager to digitise their home business but lack the necessary resources, either financially or in terms of required abilities.

After all, many people consider the process of digitising their business to be complex and time-consuming, especially for older generation business owners. As a result, they did not try to do so.

Fear not, we believe that with these packages available, any home business can easily begin their journey to digitise their business from the comfort of their own home.

We at Exabytes are deeply committed and passionate about supporting and assisting businesses to digitise and increase their online presence.

Begin your online presence by allowing us to assist you in creating your own website.

Join Now Home Businesses Sponsorship!

*Application will be closed on 31 July 2021.

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