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Does anyone know what is and how to use email filtering?

Everyone hates unwanted emails, and would want to filter those unwanted email and forward them to another email account. You can do so with User and Account Level Filtering.

*For Account Level Filtering, it is the same as User Level Filtering. The only difference is that the created filters are applied globally for the whole cPanel account.  

What is Email Filtering?

Email filtering system is the process of observe inbound and outbound email traffic to prevents specified criteria emails to get access to sensitive data.

Incoming e-mail filtering system scans messages addressed to individuals and categorizes messages right into various categories.

These consist of, yet are not restricted to: spam, grownup, bulk, infection, impostor, as well as others.

Outbound email filtering makes use of the same procedure of scanning messages from users prior to providing any kind of potentially dangerous messages to various other organizations.

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How to Remove Unwanted Emails Using cPanel Email Filtering 

Follow this 6 Simple Steps to remove unwanted emails from a particular sender to Junk folder in minutes:

1. Login to your cPanel.

2. Click on the Manage Filters wch is next to the account you wish to add filters to.

cPanel Email Filters-step 2

3. To add a filter, click on [Create a New Filter].

cPanel Email Filters- step 3

4. Key in the name you want for the filter in the Filter Name field

cPanel Email Filters- step 4

5. For the Rules option, select from as contains. For the Actions option, select deliver to folder and click on browse and select junk.

cPanel Email Filters-step 5

6. Lastly, click on create to save the rule

Done! With this, you should be able to set them up on your own – it’s as easy as ABC.

Tips and Tricks for Minimizing Spam with E-mail Filters

Avoid using dynamic IPs

A dynamic IP is an address used by two or more individuals simultaneously, for example, when utilizing the same ISP or neighborhood Wi-Fi connection (at the workplace or in a coffee shop).

If you use an IP previously utilized for functions you can not regulate, you won’t have the ability to manage this IP’s sender online reputation.

And as you understand, reduced sender credibility indicates a higher opportunity of obtaining flagged as a spammer.

You require a specialized IP address to be on the safe side. A dedicated IP is a special IP address connected with a definite holding account that just you have access to.

Select a dependable ESP– Email Company

Email Company get great track record based upon the good online reputation of their customers.

Exabytes Singapore is one of the best email marketing service provider who can helps you engage with your clients in a much efficient method especially during this contemporary period, where everyone has a cellphone handy to inspect e-mail frequently.

If ESP’s customers send out useful as well as appropriate content and have high ratings on their IP addresses, their ESP comes to be credible.

Avoiding from disreputable ESPs is a must, as their IP addresses generally get obstructed by reputable ESPs such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail.

Stay clear of spam trigger words

Every sent out e-mail is examined thoroughly. Every word, also. If you overuse words that set off spam filters, like cost-free, 50% discount, buy currently, etc, your emails may be sent out to the Spam folder.

You can read (and download) a list of 550+ spam trigger words we have assembled for you to maintain your email duplicate clean.

Evaluate your emails before sending them

It is constantly a good suggestion to evaluate your e-mails before you actually send them to your clients.

Avoid utilizing your individual or business email address

Do not use your personal or organization email address when registering in any kind of on the internet competition or solution such as applications, deal updates, and so on.

Lots of spammers enjoy these groups or emailing checklists to collect new email addresses.


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Plus, do not hesitate to seek help from Exabytes SpamExperts if you identify incoming dangerous emails from spam or hackers to your mail box.

Our Anti-Spam Solution is an email filtering solution which can get rid of spam & viruses accurately without lose any good emails.

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