Email Filtering Setup Help to Filter Unwanted Emails!

aPanel - Email Filtering
Does anyone know what is and how to use email filtering? Everyone hates unwanted emails, and would want to filter those unwanted email and forward them to another email account. You can do so with User and Account Level Filtering.

**For Account Level Filtering, it is the same as User Level Filtering. The only difference is that the created filters are applied globally for the whole cPanel account.  

How can we move unwanted emails from a particular sender to Junk folder using cPanel Email Filtering 


Step 1: Login to your cPanel.

Step 2:  Click on the Manage Filters wch is next to the account you wish to add filters to.cPanel Email Filters-step 2

Step 3: To add a filter, click on [Create a New Filter]. cPanel Email Filters- step 3

Step 4:Key in the name you want for the filter in the Filter Name fieldcPanel Email Filters- step 4

Step 5: For the Rules option, select From as Contains. For the Actions option, select Deliver to Folder and click on Browse and select Junk.cPanel Email Filters-step 5

Step 6: Lastly, click on Create to save the rule

Done! With this, you should be able to set them up on your own – it’s as easy as ABC.

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