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Google has integrated the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) across all its Workspace apps, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, to the next level with the help of cutting-edge generative AI. This new AI-powered way of working is known as Duet AI. 

Google has been working on enhancing people’s writing abilities using AI-powered grammar, spell check, smart compose, and reply features for years. The generative AI features are helping users write better and are being used for client outreach emails, job applications, project plans, and much more. 

During the Google I/O 2023 event, Google demonstrated how their popular services will benefit from the integration of Duet AI. A new feature called “Sidekick” will be introduced, which appears on the side of any file you are working on within Google apps. 

This new side panel will analyze the content of your document, email, or slideshow to provide you with relevant suggestions and answers. The implementation of Duet AI will make these services even more intelligent and intuitive, helping users increase their productivity and streamline their workflow.

Writing made easy, wherever you are

Previously, Duet AI provided writing assistance in Google Workspace by assisting users in both refining existing content and initiating new work in Gmail and Docs. And now, they are thrilled to introduce this incredible writing experience to your mobile Gmail application. 

With Duet AI on your phone, users can draft complete responses on mobile devices with a few words as a prompt. In addition, contextual assistance will allow users to create professional replies automatically. 

Shortly after the initial mobile launch, Google will be adding contextual assistance, which will enable you to effortlessly craft professional responses that will automatically fill in relevant information, such as names and other necessary details.

With this new capability, you’ll be able to respond to emails with ease, saving valuable time and energy that you can allocate to other essential tasks.

Transform words into visuals within Google Slides 

Duet AI has been embedded into Slides, enabling users to easily generate images with a few words. The image models can visualize something that has never existed. This feature will be particularly useful for marketers brainstorming early concept ideas with their creative agency.

Step into a world of creativity with Google Slides’ latest feature – the “Help me write” side panel, also known as Sidekick’s cooler cousin. With just a simple text prompt, you can now use generative AI to create stunning images that match your exact specifications. 

Want a giraffe munching on grass in front of the Eiffel Tower, Van Gogh style? No problem! Choose from a range of customisation options, including photography, illustration, flat lay, background, and clip art. With over 5 images generated per text prompt, the possibilities are endless!

But the magic doesn’t stop there – Google Meet users can also use Sidekick to create dynamic background images that match the topic of their meeting.

Say goodbye to boring, generic backgrounds and hello to a world of customisation and creativity. With Sidekick, you’re in charge of your own visual experience, making meetings more engaging and exciting than ever before!

Turning ideas into action with Google Sheets

Duet AI also works in Google Sheets, helping users analyze and act on data faster than ever before. Automated data classification and the creation of custom plans save time and eliminate the burden of manual data entry.  

The classification tools can assign labels to data, helping users develop a clear and visually engaging analysis. The “Help Me Organize” feature automatically creates custom plans for tasks, projects, or any activity that users want to track or manage.

If you’re a Google Sheets user, you can now harness the power of generative AI to create tables quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can generate a comprehensive table for all your needs, whether it’s keeping track of clients and their furry friends for a dog-walking business or organizing your personal schedule.

Plus, with a preview available before you insert the table, you can make sure it’s exactly what you need. 

If you’re an HR recruiter condensing input from interviews or a product development team examining user feedback sentiment, this tool will save you the trouble of laboring over a visually compelling analysis, freeing up more time for important tasks.

With Duet AI, event teams planning an annual sales conference or managers coordinating team offsites can create structured plans quickly and easily. Duet AI provides a head start and streamlines the planning process, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional experience for your team or attendees.

Duet AI and Google Meet bring meaningful conversations to life.

Google has integrated Duet AI into Meet and introduced the ability to generate unique backgrounds for video calls. This feature helps users express themselves and deepen connections during video calls while protecting the privacy of their surroundings. 

Write professionally with Google Docs

The new AI building blocks in Docs are integrated into the new assisted writing experience, helping users go from concept to completion faster without leaving their document. 

The upgraded neural models for grammar and proofreading help users generate professional-grade writing in multiple languages.

Let AI building blocks in Google Docs keep you in the zone

Google is excited to announce the integration of smart canvas capabilities into the new assisted writing experience in Docs, driven by positive feedback from users. With the use of an @ mention, teams can now collaborate seamlessly within the same document, saving time and effort. 

Duet AI is also now available to assist with writing job descriptions, complete with smart chips for location and status, and customizable variables for company names. This feature streamlines the concept-to-completion process, making it faster and easier to stay within the document. Simply entering a topic generates a draft instantly, complete with smart chips for location and status.

The upgraded neural models for grammar have revolutionized writing, not only in English but also in other languages such as Spanish, French, and Japanese. Google is continuously expanding these capabilities with the introduction of new proofreading suggestions to help improve writing style and tone. 

Suggestions for concise writing, avoiding repetition, and choosing between a formal or active voice are now available via the new proofread suggestion pane, giving users total control over when they receive and act on feedback.

All in all 

Google Workspace‘s integration of AI-powered features across all its apps has helped users write, organize, visualize, analyze data, and deepen connections with colleagues during video calls. Duet AI has also helped users go from concept to completion faster and generated professional-grade writing. So fasten your seatbelt; a revolutionary Google space is here!  

Product Announcement from Google, read more: Introducing Duet AI for Google Workspace

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