When we perform a search online, we usually type the keywords to get what we want. But if we can remember some familiar domain names, we would just type the website address instead of performing a search. And when your customers do that, they go straight to your website instead of searching and choosing from thousands of your competitors.

Without further ado, let’s explore the importance of domains one by one!

#1 Branding & Uniqueness

You domain name says a lot about you and your business. For example, the influence of Google and Facebook have spread so extensively that now people are using words such as “please google it” and “I’m facebooking now”. A good domain name is like a powerful brand name which makes us remember them and think good about them. We also tend to recommend these brands to our friends and family.


#2 Personalized & Customized Email Address

You can create your unique email addresses with a registered domain name. An email address attached to a unique domain name (example: [email protected]) gives better impression and credibility to your potential customers. For businessmen who wish to establish branding and a professional image, owning a unique domain name is a must.


#3 Search Engines Give Importance to Unique Domain Names

Compared to creating a free website with the domain name of your free host (example: www.freehostname.com/yourcompany), creating a website with your unique domain name (example: www.yourcompany.com) gives your website better ranking in search results.


#4 The Diminishing Availability of .COM Domain Names

Over 600 new top-level domains (TLDs) are available for registrations, and from time to time ICANN opens up suffixes/domain extensions for registration to meet the ever increasing demand of domains. We are now is a web domain rush in which traditional domain suffixes such as .COM are almost all taken.

So why don’t we go for .SG or .COM.SG domains? Singapore domains give high credibility and trust in both local and international markets.

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