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In business, branding is everything. In this digital age, your domain name is the first impression you give to your potential customers. A meaningful & good domain name can significantly attract more website traffic and is good in establishing branding awareness.

Not surprisingly, many companies are willing to pay millions just to buy a domain name.

Check out the table below for Top Domain Name Sales.

Domain Name Sold Sale Price (US$) Sale Date/New Owner $11,000,000 September 2011 GP LLC $9,999,950 March 2008

Gentile, Philip $8,500,000 September 2010

Facebook, Inc. $7,500,000 May 2006

ATTN DIAMOND.COM $7,000,000 January 2004

Thought Convergence, LLC $6,784,000 November 2014 $5,500,000 June 2010

Bodog Media $5,500,000 November 2003

Mansion Limited of Gibraltar $5,100,000 March 2009


What are the reasons that make good domain names super expensive?

  • The answer is Instant Online Branding!
    A good domain name that is easily to remember and easy to type usually costs higher. Such domain names save a lot of time as visitors can genuinely expect results associated with the domain name. A good branding name, in itself, is already a good branding tool, further cutting down time and effort in marketing your business.
  • Better performance for SEO ranking
    This is one of the most important reasons why giant companies are willing to spend ample of money to own their own domain names. Your domain names do have an impact in search engine rankings; a quality domain name can create an immerse user experience for your visitors.
  • The Increasing Demand of Domain Names
    As the number of internet users increases by leap and bound each year, the demand for domain names also increases exponentially. According to the ‘law of demand’ in Economics, as the number of available domain names decreases, the prices of domains will increase too. And don’t forget, once your favourite domain name is taken, you will have to choose among other domain names.

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