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It begins with a dream, an ambition, or even a motivation to build a better life for ourselves and the people we care about the most.

The first step is having a vision to fulfill or a worthy path to undertake. The second step, to learn and keep up with the meteoric digital transformation?

The following step is to ask the following questions — do you have what it takes to kickstart your journey? Are you ready to overcome all the challenges before you? How confident are you to turn it around into a success story

Once we taste some success in our journey, another challenge awaits — Public Relations. Every company is accountable for its image and effective communication to the media, public and its relevant stakeholders. And this is where Paul Carr Media comes in.

Founded in 2006, Paul Carr Media has a simple mission of helping people to speak confidently in public setting. It is now one of the fastest-growing consultancy companies in Singapore with coaching experience.

It is also 100% trusted by well-known organizations & associations in Singapore.

Tell us more about your brand story.

Paul Carr is a former journalist and a respected corporate communications consultant with 20 years of experience in the media and education sector. With his know-how and well-connected network, Paul Carr knows exactly how to bring out the best in every individual in every situation.

Being a veteran in the arts and entertainment industry, co-founder Hossan Leong has his fair share of public communications. He also understands the importance of both confidence and effective presentation. 

Prior to the formation of Paul Carr Media, both of us realised the need to equip presenters, speakers, anyone that wants the confidence to present/speak/face the media, with the skills to do just that.

We created Paul Carr Media just so that we can be the trusted Coaches people can turn to, and to help them deliver their messages across professionally.

Paul Carr and Hossan Leong_Exabytes Success Story



If it’s your passion, you will find ways to overcome the difficulties  – and there will be many! Surround yourself with people you trust and delegate.”

—Hossan Leong, Co-founder of Paul Carr Media

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Please share the most memorable challenge when you first started.

People generally don’t want to admit that they need help or training in the area of public speaking, so convincing clients that our methods work was an uphill task.

How did you overcome it?

We needed a good website that could showcase what we do. And of course referrals from satisfied clients. We have corporate clients who return to us regularly for re-skilling, or even to up skill, to more advanced courses.

What motivated you to create a website?

The Paul Carr Media website was the only way to get our brand out there. Even more so during this pandemic where it is a challenge to organize group training sessions with restrictions.

In this digital transformation, we’ve set up the virtual training sessions, this is the best way forward and also to reach a larger audience. 

Digital Transformation Journey -

How digital innovation helps your business?

We explored several digital marketing strategies and implemented Google Ads for a better brand presence for our website and company. We have seen a slight increase in our business but more significantly, we are able to reach a global market.

Please share your experience with Exabytes.

Exabytes has always been supportive of their clients, take this for example, we are very grateful for all the help we can get to get our brand out there.

Public Speaking is a skill that requires excellent communication skills. It goes beyond speaking in a crowd; you are to engage, entice, and execute your words effectively. Put aside your worries and concerns, and transform yourself into a confident message giver with Paul Carr Media.

The success of Exabytes is built on the success of the clients it serves. “Success” connotes several meanings to everyone.

What we hope to achieve through these stories that make up “OurStartupJourney” is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals to pursue their big ideas regardless of obstacles and challenges.

If you have what it takes to write your own story, we are here to take it further. 

Wondering how we can help you with your startup and digital transformation journey? Speak to us today.