Wireframe tools for UIUX designers

Wireframe tools allow one to quickly generate and test concepts, and while paper wireframes are the most time-efficient, digital wireframe tools appear more polished and presentable.

Wireframe tools enable designers to create professional-level mock-ups of new product ideas and processes without the need for costly prototypes.

According to uxdesign.cc, Adobe XD accounts for slightly less than half of Figma’s usage on Windows, while Figma totally dominates as the major wireframe tools for prototyping, with 54% using it as their primary wireframe creator tool.

Before a new app is published, wireframe tools help teams discover problem areas and user experience issues.

Wireframe tools also help teams explain the new app to key stakeholders within an organization and serve as a central location for all customer input.

If one is looking for low-cost wireframe tools, here is a selection of free wireframe tools to pick from, depending on whether UIUX designer prefers browser-based apps or offline desktop software, how large a project UIUX designer has on hand, and how many wireframe creators one needs to collaborate with and share the work with.

1# Figma

Figma Interface

Figma is an all-in-one design tool for uiux designer that includes a robust free option for wireframe creator.

Its beginning plan is fully free and one of the most extensive free plans on the list, with three active projects, a 30-day revision history, two editors available at all times, and unlimited cloud storage.

2# Adobe XD

Adobe XD interface

Adobe’s XD, a late entrant in uiux designer, has quickly caught up with the competition in wireframe creator.

A single wireframe tools may be used to develop, prototype, and exchange designs. If one is already a member of Adobe’s creative cloud ecosystem, one will find it simple to incorporate XD into the design workflow.

3# InVision

InVision interface

InVision is a mockup, prototyping, and wireframing tool for designers that is one of the most well-known brands in the wireframe creator industry.

Invision arose from the lack of interactivity across displays in apps, notably Photoshop. It is necessary to use an external wireframe creator tool to build the screens that will be imported into InVision.

Individual UXUI designers may use InVision’s free wireframing creator to develop one live prototype or wireframe tools at any time. 

4# Draw.io

Draw.io is a fully free and open-source wireframing tool that feels similar in UI to Google Docs. It has a basic design yet tremendous functions.

Simply put, it has the most comprehensive free offering of all of the free wireframing tools mentioned.

Users may save designs to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, their desktop, or directly supported integrations like Gliffy and Lucidchart. 

5# Wireframe.CC

If users like ultra-minimal and slick interfaces, they will enjoy these wireframe tools. To build single-page wireframes, the free version does not require any user credentials.

A premium subscription is required to generate interactive wireframes or to export to PNG and PDF formats.

Premium licenses range from $16 to $99 per month, depending on your demands, with the highest level permitting limitless users and projects.

Unlike the other wireframe tools, the UI of this program lacks any obvious tools. Instead, context-sensitive tools display only when one clicks or moves the mouse over an element.

6# Cacoo

Cacoo is a diagramming program that allows one to graphically convey their thoughts.

Cacoo is one of the few wireframe tools that supports unlimited users in its free plan, and it interacts with a variety of programs, like Google Docs, Adobe Creative Cloud, AWS, Slack, and Dropbox, to mention a few.

However, on the free lifetime plan, wireframe creator can only create 6 sheets and export projects in PNG format. Multiple export choices, unlimited sheets, and revision history are included in the $5/month Pro plans.

7# Pencil Project

Project Pencil is a free and open-source wireframing tool. It provides an infinite number of designs for uiux designers and wireframe creators, and all of its features are entirely free.

Another advantage is the open-source community, which means that wireframe tools developers are continually updating the program with new features and security.

8# MockFlow

MockFlow is an all-in-one user interface tool that provides free mockup and wireframe tools as part of its lifelong free plan. Its free version supports one active UI project at a time, which can be helpful for designers.

MockFlow’s entry-level commercial service, which includes unlimited projects and reviewers, version history, and MockFlow’s UI asset collection, starts at $14/mo per user.

9# Framebox

Framebox is a fully free wireframe tools, with no premium plans; all of Framebox’s functionality is provided straight on their website’s user-friendly web interface.

It’s an all-in-one drag-and-drop tool for uiux designer, that allows wireframe creators to draw wireframes using UI elements and allows users to sign in to save work and view revision history.

Even better, UIUX designers may send an email with a special link to their work to the rest of their team or to key stakeholders for rapid online sharing and feedback.

10# Mydraft.CC

Mydraft.cc is an entirely open-source and free wireframing tool that can be used from everywhere. It offers a clean and basic canvas to wireframe creator and comes with hundreds of free shapes and icons, as well as a simple search bar.

It’s a powerful wireframe editing program that is kept up to date by its developer community.

11# Wirefy

Open-source and available as a desktop download, Wirefy is a totally free wireframing tool.

The platform is comprehensive for uiux designers with a big collection of atomic parts to construct advanced and adaptable wireframes, although it does require wireframe creators with some basic HTML and CSS expertise.


Each wireframe tools has special capabilities that may be used rapidly and effectively by wireframe creators that appear professional. Finding the best wireframing tools will be determined by the specific needs of the wireframe creator team, as they are not all perfect.

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