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$400 billion! That’s right! According to Statista, cloud computing was set to generate that much in revenue by 2021, with no indication of decreasing or a let off!

A cloud VPS is a virtual private server hosting that may be used to host a website, a production environment, or a pre-production environment. It provides business-level needs as well as hardware availability that is assured by a SLA.

Cloud VPS hosting is the fastest-growing type of VPS hosting and is responsible for favourably changing even the most basic aspects of daily lives.

Among the more well-known arguments for cloud VPS are economic benefit, agility, speed, scalability, higher uptime, independence of location, increased cooperation, and so on.

What exactly is Cloud VPS Hosting?

The Cloud VPS Hosting is a proprietary cloud computing system built on KVM, Linux’s virtual machine kernel. The essence of a cloud VPS is scalable, virtualized resources available as a utility for purchase.

The benefits of cloud VPS and computing are combined to provide dynamic provisioning in a scalable, virtual environment. Most project resources are accessible in minutes, providing near-instant access to a new cloud VPS server.

Best of all, this may be accomplished without requiring data migration or changing server settings.

Advantages of Cloud Private Virtual Server

One may use cloud VPSs to host a website, as well as in a production or pre-production environment.

It provides business-level needs as well as hardware availability that is assured by a SLA. Unlike shared hosting, one has complete control over the server’s setup and may tailor it to their specific needs.

1# Dedicated Resources

Each cloud VPS is similar to a dedicated server and has its own resources such as CPU, RAM, and so on, ensuring that other cloud VPS customers have no effect on the website.

2# Enhanced Security

Another situation where cloud VPS  servers resemble their dedicated counterparts. The fact that one tenant is the only one using a certain virtual machine within the cloud VPS host immediately makes the data more safe.

When comparing cloud VPS to shared hosting, cloud VPS security takes the cake. Customers in a shared environment have access to a public pool of hosting provider resources.

This might pose problems if another user develops to the point where they use the bulk of the storage and memory infrastructure.

3# Affordable

Cloud VPS hosting is not only a dependable alternative, but it is also inexpensive. Most providers will allow one to tailor the needs, whether one needs a more powerful server for an hour or wishes to boost the hard drive capacity for a day.

One will only be charged for cloud VPS resources that are used, and all of them will be correctly calculated by a system. This makes it both inexpensive and sophisticated.

4# Adaptive

Cloud VPS allows users to update or adjust the choices or settings on their website to make it more appealing to visitors.

There will be no downtime if one add more storage to the cloud VPS, increase RAM, or scale your CPU performance. There would also be no need to migrate the website.

5# Complete Command

To make changes to server resources in shared or public cloud hosting settings, one must often contact a third-party hosting provider.

To function differently, a cloud VPS provides the freedom of the cloud with the control of dedicated resources.

The partition of the host server is only used by one cloud VPS tenant, so whatever one says is valid. Use resources as one sees fit, and there will be no need to worry about insufficient resources for the site or apps.

6# Self-Healing

One of the benefits of using a cloud VPS is that the hardware is self-healing. If there are any problems with the hardware, the cloud VPS will be instantly relocated to another node if one of them fails, without wasting time or resources.

7# Speed

The total user experience is dependent on speed. The app, website, or eCommerce store must give what the clients want as quickly as possible or risk losing them.

There is minimal possibility of the website slowing down because all users are using the cloud VPS’s RAM, CPU, and storage space.

Best of all, as the business expands, the cloud VPS allows one to quickly increase resources to maintain the site running at the pace that consumers have come to expect and enjoy.

8# Firewall that may be configured VPS

Use completely customizable firewall permissions and protocols with cloud VPS  to have more peace of mind without sacrificing business development.

The digital assets will be adequately protected without jeopardizing their capacity to perform day-to-day operations.

9# VPN service is optional.

Add an optional Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the cloud VPS configuration to keep data secure.

Transmissions between servers on a VPN are encrypted and appear to be directly connected to a private network, despite the reality that they are in a public environment.

Get all the advantages of a cloud VPS hosting environment without sacrificing data security. The optional VPN is an excellent choice for industries that handle sensitive data or must adhere to stringent regulatory rules.

10# Load Balancer Optional

A cloud load balancer balances the load by distributing network and/or application traffic over numerous cloud servers. Ensure that no one cloud VPS is overloaded, and configure your system to accommodate high demand.

11# Improved cooperation

The whole data set is stored in a single location on the cloud VPS. It facilitates collaboration among team members while working on a project or a separate document. This simplifies labor and saves a significant amount of time spent on coordinating.


The company benefits from cloud computing and cloud VPS hosting services. These cloud VPS platforms also enable smaller businesses to provide their consumers with the same speed, service, and security as some of the big firms in their sector.

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One can get cloud VPS hosting for as low as  S$60.80/mo, and users can update the plan anytime as per their requirements. Find out more by contacting us.

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