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POS systems aid in transaction management by reducing human mistakes and enhancing the pace of your transaction accounts.

According to Grandview report the worldwide point of sale software market was estimated at USD 9.26 billion in 2020 and is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 9.5% between 2021 and 2028.

If one has been stressed out by dealing with a large number of clients, one may choose the finest POS systems to make the day simpler by managing all payments and other activities with POS solutions Singapore.

Top 10 Point of Sale POS Systems Widely Used in Singapore

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Let’s have a look at the selection of the finest POS systems in Singapore to see how they function and which features are appropriate for the business.

1# Revel Systems

Revel Enterprise is the pos system industry’s premier cloud-native platform for enterprises, with a broad footprint of national, big-brand client deployments as well as demanding individual restaurant owners that want a comprehensive feature set.

Many well-known logos in Singapore rely on the dependability Revel pos system provides.

Revel’s cloud-native business management platform and point of sale are at the core of the client’s operations, providing multi-channel pos solutions Singapore.

2# Shopify

Shopify POS System

Shopify may be the greatest POS system in Singapore for online retail store entrepreneurs. This adaptable point of sale solution generates unified reporting on both offline and online sales and handles inventories.

POS system also allows for speedier transactions for significant activities, allowing one to save time and effort while focusing on the business.

It’s also available on all devices, allowing one to stay up to date on all business transactions even while they are on the road.

3# Eats365

Eats365 is the best restaurant management POS system, developed with restaurant operations in mind and its popularity has increased since 2019.

Eats365 has a strong point of sale app ecosystem that allows it to expand its applicability in eCommerce, membership and loyalty, production, inventory control, and other areas.

4# FnBees 

FnBees is a POS system company that specializes in offering POS systems to restaurants in Singapore.

Their technology is adaptable enough to deliver real-time insight and analytics while performing the activities for which it was designed.

The POS system includes a kitchen display, a customer display, and a runner display, ensuring that everyone on the team knows new orders and where the meals should be placed.

The POS system also offers a waiter and rider app that is entirely optimized for fast and mobile operations.

What makes their POS system stand out is that it is linked with GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Deliveroo.

Client orders are therefore routed directly to the kitchen, and all that is required is to update the menu and sold-out goods in the POS system, since FoodPanda and GrabFood will immediately sync to the POS system.

5# Sapaad

Sapaad’s sweet spot includes larger and busier eateries, as well as enterprises with many locations. This cloud-based POS system is every restaurant owner’s dream, with comprehensive restaurant administration capabilities on a single platform.

Users like how Sapaad makes restaurant owners’ jobs easier by incorporating nearly every point of sale management option imaginable.

Sapaad provides robust support in its POS system for everything from order integration and table management to analytics and reporting and even kitchen communication.

Furthermore, if restaurant owners encounter any difficulties with its POS system, Sapaad has an exceptional tech support team to assist them.

6# TouchBistro

TouchBistro is the best pos solutions Singapore for all restaurant businesses because of features like menu and table management. One may have hassle-free operations and simple transaction administration using this pos system platform.

It is intended for business owners, employees, and consumers. This award-winning pos solutions Singapore can assist one in setting up the menu inside the system, taking orders, displaying the current best-selling menu items, and allowing the clients to adjust their meals via a smart self-ordering Kiosk.

7# ShopKeep

ShopKeep is another POS system with a simple yet powerful UI that allows users to simply handle real-time sales inventory, stock management, reporting, and much more!

It is one of the top POS systems in Singapore for small businesses. It includes skilled point of sale and payment solutions that will help the business expand and reach new heights.

The best feature of this POS system is the ability to create a customized package to improve the efficiency of the business.

8# Lightspeed

Lightspeed is a comprehensive cloud-based business solution with a simple interface that allows one to track in-store and online sales. This top pos solutions Singapore has features geared to your business’s needs, whether it’s for retail or restaurant operations.

It’s also an excellent alternative for individuals who own many locations around the location, as this pos system can handle various businesses and even menus through a well-organized platform.

9# iCHEF 

After having issues with previous POS system providers, iCHEF sought to develop a better and more adaptable POS system that may aid a restaurant’s productivity.

They designed it to be user-friendly, which will considerably enhance restaurant operations. As a result, they have been named “the most awarded POS system design” by reviewers.


IRMCS understands the business requirements. Aralco’s user-friendly multi-channel retail POS systems enable one to address business difficulties quickly and correctly using real-time data.

Aralco Retail Systems accommodates a wide range of business requirements, making it ideally suited to a wide range of POS systems. It delivers extraordinarily powerful features that retailers and their employees require to streamline every work process in order to improve productivity and efficiency.

Retailers and their customers will also benefit from Aralco’s comprehensive POS system capabilities, which provide cashiers with the agility and flexibility to complete every transaction quickly.


The corporate world is always evolving. The best POS system to choose is based on the features, cost, and support available in the Singapore SME sector.

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