What is Lark Suite

Better communication leads to better results. Poor communication among teams has been shown to cost businesses a lot of money, but Lark Suite works and is a joy in productivity apps.

This is where OKR apps like Lark Suite enter the picture. The Lark app serves as a bridge among team members all across the world. These OKR tools frequently coexist in one location, resulting in the creation of empowering solutions for the globe.

Lark Suite is a feature-rich OKR app, including chats, email, video, calendar, document sharing, cloud storage, and other third-party apps.

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What exactly is the Lark Suite?

The Lark Suite, an enterprise collaboration tool from ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, is a collaborative OKR platform comparable to other OKR apps used in the past, like Trello.

However, the Lark app team defines it as a tool to enhance how people work. Although that is a bold claim, the Lark Suite team believes it can be backed up.

Users get access to Lark app versions of Calendar, Docs, Messenger, Meetings, Cloud Storage, Email, and other applications in the Lark suite.

While these functionalities are available on other platforms, the Lark app has several tricks up its sleeve to differentiate itself.

Instead of exiting the program and moving to a browser, for example, the Lark app attempts to merge everything into a single platform without the need to transfer apps or tabs.

The Lark Suite is completely free of charge. The sole benefit paying corporate users to receive is unlimited storage and priority support.

Lark Suite’s free edition still includes unlimited video conferencing minutes for up to 350 people, a shared 200 GB of cloud storage space, and 500 GB of email storage for the whole organization.

Lark Suite may also be used on a variety of devices. If one doesn’t want to download a Lark app, one may use it on the computer. The Lark app is also available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Lark Suite Team Collaboration and Work Management Tools

Lark Suite Interface

Companies frequently define “objectives and key results” (OKR) to guide their staff toward success in order to achieve their goals.

1# Lark suite has built-in chat facilities

When one launches the Lark suite, the first screen that appears is Lark Messenger. One will find a plethora of tools at one’s disposal here. A meeting may be scheduled, a colleague’s calendar checked, essential messages highlighted and pinned, announcements set, messages searched, and more.

2# Video conferencing with Lark suite

Lark Suite can now organize video conferences with up to 350 people and infinite minutes. This can be useful for individuals who wish to host calls with external members or the community they administer without having to pay an additional fee.

In addition, users have access to Magic Share, which allows them to work on a single document without leaving the video conference.

3# Secret talks provide more privacy.

When starting a chat with co-workers, there is an option in the Lark suite to start a secret chat. This capability is excellent for sending one-time passwords or sensitive corporate papers. The timer on the Lark suite may be set to clear after a minute, an hour, one day, or one week.

4# Images with annotations

One has access to the screenshot tool in conversation in the Lark suite. It has annotation tools as well as mosaics if one needs to blur out specific areas. Screenshots have an automated watermark function that shows who made them.

5# Automatic text-to-speech conversion

The option to automatically convert audio notes to text was one of the features one could find beneficial in the Lark suite.

Following the recording of the audio note, the user will be given the option to automatically translate the audio into text for the conversation.

This is beneficial when scanning the conversation to see what’s going on, and the transcription is also searchable, which is very useful for teams that have a tendency to leave long voice notes to one another for work.

6# Lark Docs

Lark Suite Docs work in the same way as most online word processors. One may view documents, spreadsheets, and a recently included Bitable.

Using tools like Kanban and Gantt charts, Bitable makes project management simpler. One might also utilize the predesigned templates in Lark Suite to speed up the document creation process.

One of the most liked collaboration features in Lark Suite Docs is the ability to modify a Lark Document directly from chat without leaving the chat window.

7# Third-party applications

As with other OKR collaborative systems, more tools may be added to improve workflow. Other programs, such as Asana, Trello, Google Drive, and others, may be linked to the Lark suite. If users know how to code, they can develop and code their own software to meet specific demands.

If people use the Lark suite for business or personal management, they may connect it to the Lark app.

This allows users to effortlessly update, create, or add cards to Trello without leaving the Lark suite. So far, the third-party OKR apps that have been used have seamlessly merged into the Lark suite and have not overburdened the platform.

8# Calendar

Lark Suite Calendar

Lark Suite users may sync their Google Calendars with the Lark app. The majority of us used Google Calendar to schedule our work, so it was simple to transfer our to-dos into the Lark suite.

There were some synchronization issues due to the calendar permissions in the Lark suite, but after changing a few parameters, everything works well.

Video meetings scheduled on the Lark Suite are also accessible via the Calendar, and meeting notes may be seen here as well.

Lark Suite is a strong collaboration platform that many people would like. It’s quick and stable, even for co-workers with slower internet connections.


Lark Suite is a strong collaboration platform that we hope many people will like. It’s quick, and video conversations are steady, even for co-workers with weaker Wi-Fi connections.

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