What is a parked domain name?

Ever wondered what a parked domain is? In short, a domain that is not attached to any web hosting service can become a parked domain. Hence, you can “park” the domain name to your existing hosting account. This allows visitors to reach your website and see all the website content when they enter the parked domain in their browsers.

When do I park a domain name?

  1.       No web hosting

A domain name and a website are totally separate things. When you register a domain name, it does not necessarily mean you need to host your website immediately. So parked domain is a way to reserve a domain name for later use.

  1.       Direct users to your primary domain/website

You can buy the same domain with various different extensions. This will enable you to redirect all the domains you have with different extensions to your primary domain. In case a prospective visitor mistypes your primary domain name extension, they will still land on your website.

  1.       Website not necessary

If you have no intention in keeping one of your websites, you can park the domain of the website and earn extra income until it expires.

Well, don’t get confused between parked domain and addon domain. An addon domain is a separate website with its own unique contents.

How to add a parked domain?

Before you start to create a parked domain, ensure that the domain name is registered with a valid registrar.

To add a parked domain in your current account:

Step 1: Login to your cPanel.

Step 2: Click on the “Parked Domain” icon in the Domains section.
step 2-park domain

Step 3: Next, enter the domain that you wish to park without any http:// or www under the “Create a New Parked Domain” section.
step 3-park domain

Step 4: Click the “Add Domain” button.
step 4-park domain

That’s it. Adding a parked domain is really simple and straightforward.

Stay tuned for more in the next blog post! Cheers.