SEO strategist and content creators are always focusing on a few dimensions to create the perfect keywords for blogs or websites. All these researches target only one thing; Google Page 1 ranking.

google search keywords

Here are the 4 dimensions of  perfect keywords that you can consider to execute upon to earn search rankings, drive traffic and boost conversions.

  1. Persona

You need to understand your audiences’ psychographics which contribute to their personalities, attitudes, interests and lifestyles. All these elements help to define the kind of audiences you have for your websites.

A few questions that you can ask yourself are:

  • Are the topics relevant to their needs?
  • Will they read and share this information?
  • Will they think if the information is sufficient?

Relevancy is very important for a perfect keyword.

2. Timely

Topics and information posted up on website should have a long lasting value. You need to catch the attention of your audiences with today’s trend as well as valuable information in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

Google Trends is one of the online tools that you can use to gain insights into trendy topics. An organized and variety contents are important so that it aligns with search and relevancy.

3. Competitive

It is also imperative to understand how your competitors are doing with their SEO. There are two types of competitive value that you want to look into, namely experience-based and the other is search-based.

Experience-based value depends on the experience someone has on your website compared to your competitors while search-based value depends on the defined set of high-value topics you have on your website.

These two will provide a thorough insights to what it takes to compete for the perfect keywords.

4. Brand

The content of your websites should be consistent to your brand values. It represents your company as a whole and it is the first impression to your customers. Thus when you create keyword, always make sure they aligns and represent your brand and the tone of your company.


It is most challenging to include all these aspects for your keyword. In addition, it takes time to outline the perfect keyword research process. But if you can, you should see very significant results!

Strengthen your keyword value today!