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For businesses looking to expand their reach in Taiwan, registering a .tw domain is a great way to start. Generally, .tw domain is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Taiwan, and it can help local businesses establish their presence in the Taiwanese market.

Most of the local companies, tourism, eCommerce, and websites that target the local market all use the trusted .tw domain extension, which is well-known among locals and visitors alike.

It’s essential for businesses to have Taiwan domain websites, otherwise, they are missing out on the potential of the internet. 90% of Taiwanese citizens use the internet for non-work related activities every day.

Taiwan has achieved great success in its e-commerce industry, due to its excellent telecom infrastructure. A majority of Taiwanese have embraced this e-commerce sector and now use it in their day-to-day lives.

What is the Meaning of the .tw Domain?

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The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, is.tw (ROC).

Taiwan’s domain is excellent for companies that want to show off their ties to the country and its booming industry.

The .tw domain register was established in 1989 and is managed by the Taiwanese non-profit Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC).

English domain names, Chinese domain names, and numerous other varieties are the different categories under which TWNIC tw domain names fall.

While obtaining a Chinese .tw domain name is possible without much difficulty, one must first acquire an English domain name that corresponds to the Chinese domain name.

Who Can Register the .tw Domain?

A .tw domain can be purchased by anyone. However, people who are interested in or active in the Taiwanese local market are mostly those who register .tw website domain names.

A .tw website domain might be the ideal choice to help one increase their online presence, whether it is a Taiwan-based company aiming to promote the “Made in Taiwan” mark or an international retailer trying to develop ties with Taiwanese consumers.

Does .tw Domain Fit Your Needs?

When creating online shops, publications, or blogs with a Taiwanese audience in mind, the .tw domain extension is an excellent option.

Any kind of website with the .tw domain extension can be created as long as it is targeted toward Taiwanese users.

Use Taiwan Domain for Better Local Opportunities

Taiwan’s domain ccTLD is .tw, which stands for country code top-level domain. It may be used to deliver localized information about your goods and services on both business and personal websites.

A .tw domain extension is perfect for anybody who has a passion for Taiwanese culture and food, whether they are a clothing business, a Hakka singer, an online instructor, a translation service, or just regular people.

Speak with the 9 million visitors to the Taiwan domain. The internet is essential for drawing in Taiwan’s annual influx of millions of tourists.

Using Taiwan’s domain name as one’s website address would attract more visitors because people frequently study their travel plans online before making bookings.

travel to taiwan

Dot tw domain is a wise option for:

  • Auto rental, taxi, and tour bus services
  • Eateries and convenience stores
  • Pubs, wine bars, tea rooms
  • Hotels, resorts, inns, campgrounds
  • Museums, theaters, opera houses
  • Any enterprise or service that helps travelers.

Start Selling Goods Online With .tw Domain

Most commercial businesses in Taiwan are small and medium-sized businesses, which use .tw domain and also generate close to one-third of the nation’s yearly revenues.

A Taiwan domain eCommerce website is the surest road to success, whether one sells apparel or consumer items like soft beverages, veggies, and cleaning supplies:

Besides displaying the location as being in Taiwan, a .tw website name can attract more Taiwanese buyers, partners, and investors to the website.

To prevent others from purchasing it and exploiting it to divert traffic away from your current website, register the .com.tw website name version.

Specifically for corporations, enterprises, and organizations. One may let the world know that you are a business by using the .tw domain.

Benefit of .tw Domain for Local SEO

If one has a local .tw domain name and provides excellent services or content on the website or blog, one is considerably more likely to attract long-term followers from that nation.

This is likely to happen because local Taiwan domains are trusted by visitors, who already have a rapport with businesses before ever engaging with them – they assume one is from the same nation as them, so one has a local Taiwan domain connection, and one can probably relate to the .tw website domain.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share

Then, rather than concentrating on Google, one should concentrate on that search engine and the Taiwan domain by default.

Taiwan domain sites automatically receive greater priority on that search engine.

Considering that the largest search engine defaults in such a manner, one will likely think about purchasing a localized .tw domain.

If one gets a local domain, it is easy for them to gain the trust of local people, and the chances of getting more business than other .com domain businesses are higher.


A .tw domain is an ideal option for the website address since it demonstrates to everyone that the business supports the community’s culture and economy with the Taiwan domain.

For those who want to register a domain to run their business in Taiwan, Exabytes offers the .tw domain extension at an affordable price.

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